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196 BPM is becoming a very common sight.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011 by  
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Peak heart rate: this is becoming a common sight.

Peak heart rate: this is becoming a common sight.

I only did 18.6 miles yesterday, but I absolutely killed it out there! Of course I took my camera along for the ride, but I didn’t feel like stopping to take pictures. In fact, I only stopped one time a little over halfway through the ride to replenish with some Sport Beans (the heat was pretty intense). I hit my maximum heart rate at least 5 times, and my heart rate over most of the ride was in the high 170s to low 180s. Looking down at my Timex Ironman and seeing 196 BPM on the display is becoming a fairly common occurrence. I love that tingly feeling on my skin when I’m working the pedals as hard as I can and I’m right at my maximum heart rate.

Anyway, after several days with basically no exercise and a fairly crappy diet it felt great to get outside and ride again. In fact, today is supposed to be my chest/delts/triceps workout, but I’m really in the mood to get back out on the trails again. I’m 95% sure I’m going to postpone my weight training workout until tomorrow and go ride again this morning.

I just sat here for a minute staring at that last sentence and thinking. Yeah, now I’m 100% sure. I’m out of here – have a great day!

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2 Responses to “196 BPM is becoming a very common sight.”
  1. It’s funny, when I first starting coming to JSF years ago when I would read all of your updates I would think “this guy needs to try bicycling”. I’ve been in to biking since I was a kid and few things clear my head like hitting the road with just me and my bike. You’ve definitely caught the biking bug.

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    • I agree 100% about how powerful a bike ride is for calming the brain. Nothing makes me forget about my problems more than venturing off into the forest with nothing but my bike and my camera. Riding is very addictive, and yeah – I definitely have the biking bug. 🙂

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