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Sport Beans

As most of you already know, I spend a lot of time exerting myself outdoors under the brutal Florida sun. When you’re sweating, re-hydrating with water is simply not enough; it’s critical to also replenish lost electrolytes! Believe me, I know from firsthand experience the importance of maintaining proper electrolyte levels–failure to do so is a mistake I’ll never make again.

When I’m out doing cross-country mountain biking I usually take about a gallon of water with me. A gallon of water weighs over eight pounds, and so bringing a liquid electrolyte replacement product like Gatorade is simply not practical due to weight issues alone. A small one ounce packet of Sport Beans contains 25 carbohydrates, 120mg of electrolytes (80mg sodium and 40mg potassium) and Vitamins B & C; compare that to an 8-ounce serving of Gatorade, which has 140mg of electrolytes (110mg sodium and 30mg potassium). Put another way, eight ounces of Sport Beans contains 640mg sodium and 320mg potassium while eight ounces of Gatorade only contains 110mg sodium and 30mg potassium.

When I’m mountain biking (or even doing yard work), as soon as I start feeling some fatigue I’ll stop and eat a pouch of Sport Beans. Just like clockwork, 10 minutes after consuming the Sport Beans I feel an incredible and very noticeable boost of energy that lasts for a long time. It’s a clean energy boost, too: no jitters and no crash. There is a caffeinated version of Sport Beans available (noted by “Extreme”) but I’ve not tried those.

Sport Beans taste fantastic, and come in a variety of flavors (my favorite is orange). At around a dollar per serving, they are light on the wallet, too. Pick up some Sport Beans and give them a try the next time you’re playing your favorite sport–I think you’ll agree that they are an excellent product.

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