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I bought a new mountain bike yesterday.

Monday, July 25, 2011 by  
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My new 2011 Trek Fuel EX 8!

My new 2011 Trek Fuel EX 8!

My Trek 4300 Disc hardtail mountain bike has served me well over the past two years, but lately I’ve been thinking very strongly about making the leap to a full-suspension bike. Yesterday I decided to head over to the bike shop and I spent the day trying out some full suspension bikes. The bike that impressed me the most was the Trek Fuel EX 8. The 18.5″ frame fit me like a glove (my Trek 4300 frame is 18″, and I always longed for a slightly larger frame), the bike shifted quickly & cleanly and the stopping power of the hydraulic disc brakes took me by surprise and almost sent me over the handlebars before I got used to them.

Of course the real treat was the rear suspension. I couldn’t believe how plush the ride felt, especially when I rode over rocks and curbs. I bunny hopped off a curb about 1.5 feet into the air and the landing was so soft and smooth that I started laughing. When I landed my hardtail after a jump or bunny hop the impact would just kill my ankles, but on the Fuel EX the landing was smooth, pain-free and just… fun!

Despite the rear suspension, the Fuel EX is about 5 or 6 pounds lighter than my old hardtail, and I could definitely feel the weight difference. The lighter weight of the bike combined with my ability to really compress the full suspension allowed me to bunny hop higher and with less effort than ever before.

I knew this was the one, and I walked out of the store with the 2011 Trek Fuel EX 8 in Matte Black. Pedals on this bike are sold separately, and they didn’t have the ones I wanted in stock. The bike shop installed a pair of temporary pedals (shown in the photo above) until mine come in later this week (I went with Crank Brothers 5050 XX in black/silver)

I’ve got a full week to try the bike out on all my favorite trails, and I can return it anytime before next Sunday if I don’t love it. I really can’t see that happening, but it’s a nice to know that I have that option.

So I’ll give you one guess what I’m about to do.

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