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2011 maintenance weekly progress report: week #12. Myotape

Week #12 of my 2011 maintenance program is complete, and it’s time for my weekly progress report. My goal is to complete 2011 without ever rising above 10% body fat. My scale weight this morning (as measured by the ) is 178.4 pounds. That’s a .6 pound loss since last week, and a 4.8 pound gain from my end-of-cut weight of 173.6 pounds. My 7-point body fat reading this morning is 7.9% (the digital caliper… [Read more]

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Backyard garden producing well; Yard work this morning. These are just some of the peppers we're growing!

Growing my own herbs, fruits and vegetables has turned out to be one of the most fun, rewarding and tasty hobbies I’ve ever taken up. The picture shown here contains just some of our pepper plants. The peppers we’re currently growing include Orange Bell, Serrano, Anaheim, Jalapeno, Hot Banana and Sweet Banana. These peppers range from fairly hot to mild and sweet. I use them for all kinds of dishes, such as chili, eggs, marinades,… [Read more]

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July 2011 TSM: Gskarr; Incredible Personal Training with Mastover Sale! July 2011 TSM: Gskarr

As is always the case on the first of the month, I’m absolutely slammed with work. Today is going to be an especially busy day for me because it’s going to be a long holiday weekend (yay!) Let’s get right to today’s subjects: the July 2011 Transformation Spotlight, and some news about the most incredible sale JSF Sponsor Aram “Mastover” Hamparian has ever held! For the July 2011 TSM I’ve selected forum member “Gskarr” (Gonzalo)…. [Read more]

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July 2011 TSM: Gskarr July 2011 TSM: Gskarr

For the July 2011 TSM I’ve selected forum member “Gskarr” (Gonzalo). The excuse I hear most often when people tell me why they can’t lose fat and get in shape is, “I just don’t have the time!” If you are one of those people then I urge you to give this month’s TSM interview with Gonzalo a read. Gonzalo is a father, a husband and a surgeon; his schedule is absolutely crazy! Falling into the… [Read more]

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