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Clarification on yesterday’s blog; 32 miles, chased by a pit, almost run over.

Friday, August 12, 2011 by  
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Before I jump into the details of yesterday’s workout, I need to clarify an important piece of information that I neglected to include in yesterday’s blog. When I talked about losing some lean mass to get down to a very light body weight of 168 pounds or so, I didn’t mean that I was going to stop lifting weights or blindly sacrifice muscle. If anything I’d like to continue to gain strength and muscle endurance in my quads, hamstrings and upper body. The lean mass I’m willing to sacrifice for a lighter body weight is mainly size from the “show” muscles. I can certainly lose a bit of strength and size from muscles like my biceps, triceps and calves without sacrificing overall athleticism. In fact, dropping 10 pounds while focusing on strengthening the muscles that I use 95% of the time will, in my estimation, make me a better athlete.

Bike on a Trail shot for August 11, 2011.

Bike on a Trail shot for August 11, 2011.

As soon as I posted yesterday morning’s blog I set off on what wound up being a 32 mile ride (8 miles on the road, 24 miles off-road). On Tuesday and Wednesday we received a combined total of around 5 inches of rain, and boy was it wet and muddy out there! This was only my 3rd off-road mountain biking ride using clipless pedals, and this go-round (unlike my second time riding clipless in wet conditions) the wet rocks and roots didn’t phase me at all. I don’t mean to jinx myself, but I’ve still not fallen out on the trails while clipped in. I’m actually somewhat surprised by how seamless the transition from platform pedals to clipless has been so far. Clipping in and out is still not second nature, but I’m getting closer with each ride.

Once again the real dangers on yesterday’s ride didn’t come from wet roots, mud, wild animals or falling while clipped in. The only time I felt unsafe was while I was biking on the public roads. The trip to the forest was uneventful, but when I was returning home I was chased by an unleashed pitbull and almost run over by a driver who ran a red light.

I’ve seen the pitbull several time before. He’s usually chained up in the front yard (don’t get me started on that subject), right next to the rusty 1978 Camaro parked on the front lawn. Usually as I pass he runs around barking and pulling on his chain. This time when he ran at me I didn’t hear the familiar clanking of the chain, and instead heard a disconcerting mixture of growling and claws on pavement right behind me. I turned around and saw that he was hot on my heels, and gaining. I pedaled as fast as I could and reached down to my seat post for my mace. I yelled “GO HOME!” and the dog instantly broke off the chase and trotted off in the opposite direction. Whew. Man, I was so pissed off. I wanted to go back and yell at whoever owns the dog, but obviously that wouldn’t have been too smart.

A couple miles later I was at a crosswalk waiting for my turn. When the I got the green, I looked both directions, clipped in and started across. I couldn’t believe it when some lady in an SUV blew right through the red light! It was a good 5-6 seconds after the light changed, too.

I don’t know how you roadies can stomach being out there every day with all the mindless, distracted idiots on the road. Same for motorcycle riders. I love the idea of having a motorcycle, but I’ll probably never get one simply because most people can’t drive worth a damn. Please be careful out there.

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One Response to “Clarification on yesterday’s blog; 32 miles, chased by a pit, almost run over.”
  1. HAAA! Great story ,i’ve also been chased by pits at the end of a 50 mile ride. I forgot that i had leg cramps when i heard the nails on pavement as you discribed. LOL

    About the road riding , here in Miami most riders are back home by 9-10am on weekends. On weekdays is terrible no matter how early we get up to ride.

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