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I’ve been enjoying my completed bike shop all morning.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011 by  
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Smooth lag-free shifting makes riding run.

Smooth lag-free shifting makes riding run.

I was pleasantly surprised that my new workbench, which was delivered yesterday afternoon, arrived undamaged! The freight company sure tried their best to kill it: the box had holes and tears all over it, and part of the box was crushed. I made the trucker wait while I opened the box and inspected the contents before I signed off on it.

So last night I put the workbench together and I was itching for an excuse to be out there working on something. Remember the front derailleur adjustment I was so proud of in yesterday’s blog? Yeah, I managed to completely screw that up last night. I was looking at the gap between the derailleur cage and the large chainring, and I realized that it was a few millimeters too much. While I was tweaking the gap I grabbed my Park cable stretcher (also known as a “4th hand” tool–pretty much a must-have tool in any bike shop), and the tool slipped knocking off the shifter cable end cap. The cable frayed, and was beyond hope. Thankfully I have spare cables on hand, so this morning I replaced the front shifter cable. I actually enjoyed being out there in the workshop while it was cool, and I’m also enjoying learning all these maintenance and repair skills.

I hope to have my detailed blog about the bike shop finished up within the next day or two.

Anyway, busy day ahead so I’d better rock. Have a great day!

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    • If it makes you feel any better all 4 of our HDTVs and the projector in the theater were all ordered online and arrived in perfect shape.

      Home Depot, in my experience, uses truck carriers (for large items) that are pretty rough on the merchandise.

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