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Feeling a little off the past couple of days…

Thursday, August 18, 2011 by  
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Not my actual stomach.

Not my actual stomach.

I don’t feel sick, but I’ve definitely been feeling less than 100% since Tuesday. My stomach has felt a little tight, and this morning I’ve got a slight headache. It’s interesting that the more hungry I am the more my stomach hurts, and when I eat it feels much better (the tightness is definitely not hunger pangs). My appetite has not just been good, it’s actually been borderline ravenous. Obviously the only possible explanation is that I have a tapeworm. 😀

Anyway, I noticed that during yesterday’s weight training workout that the physical activity made my stomach hurt worse, and so today I’m going to rest up. I really wanted to go mountain biking this morning, but I’m just not feeling up to it right now.

I’ve been working on the big bike maintenance and repair blog in the evenings, and it’s turning out to be a pretty big project. It’s taking a fair bit of time to get all the video and photographs shot, edited and assembled. I’ll also provide links to just about all the products described in the video. I expect to have it done and ready to post within the next day or two, but don’t hold me to that!

I’d better get to work, it’s been a very busy week and I’m buried.

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