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2011 Goal: Danger months approaching!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011 by  
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As most of you know, my maintenance goal for 2011 is to never rise above 10% body fat. My cut ended almost five months ago, and over the past 20+ weeks I’ve done an excellent job of maintaining my body fat at around the 8% mark. I’m extremely active during the spring and summer (mountain biking, lifting weights, yard work), and so maintaining 8% body fat since my cut ended back in April has not been difficult thus far. Of course diet is a very important part of the equation as well, and my diet has been very healthy and clean.

While the warm weather will persist here in Central Florida for quite some time, the fall and winter months are usually where I stumble a bit and allow my body fat to creep up. My activity levels (at least historically) tend to drop in the winter, and my diet gets a little more sloppy. When I started this year’s cut back in January, my body fat was a very high (for me) 15.9%! The next four months are going to be the most challenging part of this year’s primary maintenance goal.

My plan is two-fold:

1) Keep the diet clean, and don’t be tempted to relax my diet simply because I’ll be wearing more clothes.
2) Maintain (or even increase) my current level of activity.

Some of the finest mountain biking weather here in Central Florida is during the fall months, and so I expect to be on the trails even more than I am now. Heck, I can handle 30+ miles in the brutal heat and thick humidity, so even greater distances on a crisp fall day should be a comparative cakewalk.

Just as I have been doing since my cut ended, I’ll be closely monitoring my progress every Sunday through the rest of the year. While I expect my body fat to rise a little bit over the next four months, I am determined to keep it in the single digits. When I start my pre-spring cut in early 2012 it should be fast and easy compared to years past.

On the subject of my 2012 cut, I am still thinking very seriously about dropping my body weight down to the upper 160s.

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