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Full face helmet, knee/shin pads and elbow pads have arrived (pic).

Saturday, September 17, 2011 by  
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"Dude, I'm totally ready to hop that curb over there."

"Dude, I'm totally ready to hop that curb over there."

I mentioned earlier this week that I want to start learning some freeride mountain biking skills like hucks (drops) and dirt jumping. Even though I’m going to start small and slowly work my way up, falls and crashes are part of the learning process. I ordered some safety equipment that will, hopefully, keep me from getting too banged up as I learn.

My knee/shin pads, elbow pads and full face helmet arrived from Amazon, and so yesterday morning I tried all the equipment on. I was happy to find that everything fit perfectly!

I ordered the Giro Remedy Full Face helmet in size “Medium” (I know, shocking). I simply used my Myotape to measure around my head just above my eyebrows along with this Giro sizing chart as a guide. The circumference of my head is 56 centimeters.

The helmet fits perfectly. It’s snug, but not uncomfortable. I really wrenched it around in an effort to pull it off and it stayed put.

I also ordered the FOX Launch Knee/Shin Pads. These pads are only available in two sizes: Large/X-Large and Small/Medium. I’m six feet tall, so I ordered the Large/X-Large pads. They fit me just fine. One of the things I really like about these pads is once you get them properly adjusted to your body using the Velcro straps you don’t have to adjust them again: you can quickly take the pads on and off using the handy “Lift to open” tabs. I took a test ride and they didn’t slide around or feel uncomfortable.

Finally, I ordered the Fox Launch Elbow pads. Again, these are only available in two sizes: Large/X-Large and Small/Medium. I ordered the Large/X-Large and they fit very well. There is an adjustable Velcro strap, so dialing in the right amount of tightness is a breeze.

Also, I’ve been using the Fox Bomber full-finger gloves (size “Large”) for about a year now, and I really love them. These gloves have saved my hands and knuckles dozens of times over the past year, and they are holding up extremely well. They may be a tad warm in the sweltering Florida heat, but the protection they offer is well worth it. When these gloves finally wear out I’ll buy another pair without hesitation.

It’s a nice morning, and I’ve already packed up the truck for a day of mountain biking. I’m still not sure where I’m going to ride yet, though.

Have a fun Saturday! 🙂

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