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New flat DH/FR pedals will be here today.

Saturday, September 24, 2011 by  
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The other day I decided to do some mountain biking skills practice (where the chance of falling is pretty much 100%), so I removed my Shimano PD-M647 clipless pedals and bolted up the cheap plastic pedals that the bike shop put on my Trek Fuel EX 8 when I bought it. These plastic pedals were only meant to be a temporary set while I decided on a permanent pair of pedals, but I kept them around because I figured they’d be fine for occasional skills practice sessions and even some freeride stuff. Wow, was I wrong about that! These pedals (they are manufactured by a company called “Black Label”) are made from polycarbonate or nylon, sell for about 15 bucks a pair and flat out suck! Even wearing my awesome FiveTen Impact 2 mountain biking shoes (which stick like glue to almost anything) my feet were constantly slipping off the pedals and sliding around. My shins are pretty banged up as a result. Also, three of the plastic pins broke off after just a few minor hits on the curb. I’ll keep these pedals in my shop, I guess, but they won’t be seeing any more time on my bike.

Azonic 420 Flat Pedals

Azonic 420 Flat Pedals

So after some research I ordered a set of Azonic 420 flat pedals, which I’ve heard great reviews about–especially from freeride/downhill riders. These pedals are pretty light at 430g per pair, have replaceable traction pins, a low-profile design and sealed bearings. They look pretty sweet, too. I’m told they can take quite a beating, and they should last many years–especially considering I’ll only be using these for FR/DH and skills practice.

I’m not hitting the trails this morning because I have quite a few projects to do around the house (mostly outdoor stuff, so at least I’ll get my sweat on). I think tomorrow morning I’m going to go to one of the more technical trails and try out the new pedals. It’s going to feel weird not being clipped in!

Have a great Saturday!

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