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AtLarge FREE BCAA+ offer (plus 15% off) extended through today!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011 by  
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FREE AtLarge Nutrition BCAA+ offer extended one day!

FREE AtLarge Nutrition BCAA+ offer extended one day!

Chris Mason (owner of AtLarge Nutrition) just sent me the below email. Guess what? You’ve got one more day to score your free BCAA+ powder!

Fall Coming Monday Madness Extended One Day!!!

Due to the overwhelming response to our Monday madness sale we have decided to extend it for one more day! So, any order placed either today, Monday the 26th, or tomorrow, Tuesday the 27th will receive not only our fallcoming 15% discount (with the use of the code fallcoming – see product pages for where to place the code), they will also receive a FREE BCAA+ (no code needed)!

To clarify, as there has been some confusion, you don’t need to add BCAA+ to your cart or anything else (unless you also want to purchase one or more BCAA+). We will automatically include one FREE BCAA+ with EVERY order placed.

BCAA+ is our branched chain amino acid and glutamine supplement which can be of benefit to any hard training individual. Improved recovery and reduced soreness are just some of its possible benefits.

So, for example, on a $100 order you save $15 AND get a FREE $22.95 jug of BCAA+. That’s a crazy good deal!

Head over to AtLarge Nutrition and place your order NOW!

Chris Mason, AtLarge Nutrition.

That really is a great deal. I used AtLarge’s BCAA+ every day (pre-cardio and pre-workout) during my last cut, and loved it. I normally don’t even like grape flavored drinks, but they nailed the taste on this product. You’d be nuts to pass up a free tub, as BCAA+ is a product that is useful to any hard-training individual.

I’m running behind this morning, so I’m glad I packed up the truck last night. I want to get some trail time in before work. My legs are sore from yesterday’s workout, but I’m going to try and get at least 20 miles in.

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