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Camera woes continue; Push presses for power and explosiveness.

Thursday, September 29, 2011 by  
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I am really bummed this morning. It looks like I won’t be able to use my DSLR with the Cotton Carrier while mountain biking any more. Even with the protective rubber skin I purchased for my camera, moisture and sand are still getting in the camera through the spaces around the buttons. My camera is malfunctioning once again this morning, and I’m probably going to have to have it professionally cleaned and/or repaired now. 🙁

I know Cotton Carrier makes a rain cover, so I may give that I try. It looks like the rain cover can be removed pretty quickly, so that still might be a better option than going back to putting the camera in my Camelbak HAWG.

I really enjoy taking photographs when I’m out on my cross-country mountain bike rides, so this moisture/sand issue is a real downer. I hope the rain cover does the trick, because going back to putting the camera in my Camelbak is far from ideal.

Barbell Push Press

Barbell Push Press.

In more positive news, I had a really good workout yesterday. With occasional exceptions, I’ve pretty much completely eliminated isolation work from my strength training workouts. Yesterday was my chest/delts/triceps workout, and I did bench press, incline bench press, weighted chest dips and push presses.

I’ve been doing barbell push presses a lot lately because they are very beneficial to overall explosiveness and power. Pumping the trail, quickly and powerfully weighting and un-weighting the bike over all kinds of terrain and of course simply pedaling all benefit from the push press. If you play basketball, do MMA or participate in any other sport that requires leg and shoulder power and speed, definitely give this exercise a try. It’s one of the easiest Olympic lifts to learn, and it’s also a good core strength builder.

I’m not sure if I’m going to ride this morning or not. I may take the day off from training and just do some mtb skills work in the front yard…

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3 Responses to “Camera woes continue; Push presses for power and explosiveness.”
  1. Following your posts and reading that you are doing the push press makes me think that you would love CrossFit. I have never done it but it seems to fit your new goals of functional strength and conditioning. I also think you would love always trying to beat your best times\reps in the different workouts. You would also be able to compare your stats against others across the country.

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    • I totally agree, John has totally moved into a CrossFit like area. However he never seemed to do much GROUP exercise and his competitiveness might cause him grief 🙂 I’m certainly not speaking for him but based on hanging around here for over 7 years, I’ll bet he prefers to work alone.

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    • I have to admit, up until today I only had a cursory understanding of what Crossfit is. It took me some time to reply to your post because I wanted to read and research the program a bit more before replying.

      It looks like an amazing program that has done wonders for people. Very impressive, actually. However, I don’t think it’s for me–at least not right now. Part of the reason I’ve been enjoying my training so much these days is because I’ve finally broken away from highly structured/planned workouts. I very much enjoy the freedom of walking into the gym and thinking, “Today I’m in the mood to do this.”

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