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Back from vacation in (more or less) one piece! Chuck Lennon Park in De Leon Spring, Florida.

Hey everyone, I’m back from my vacation. I can sum up the past ten days in two words: FUN and EXCITING! Over the past 10 days I went mountain biking almost every day, and I was finally able to travel to some of the more distant trails that I’ve been wanting to ride for quite some time. While I was off I also hit up most of the local trails that I love to ride,… [Read more]

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New XC distance PR: 42.34 miles; Angry runner saga continues; On vacation! Bike on a Trail photo for October 20, 2011.

There was a chill in the air when I set off on my ride yesterday morning, but I knew that once I warmed up the cool air would be refreshing. The weather yesterday was by far the nicest we’ve seen all year long, so my plan was to break my existing cross-country mountain biking distance personal record of 37.84 miles. The ride was spectacular, and I shattered my old record with a 42.34 mile trek… [Read more]

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Perfect weather today! Perfect!

A cold front (well, “cool front” if you live up north) came through yesterday and last night, and today we’ll enjoy perfect weather here in Central Florida. Right now it’s 52 degrees (F), and the high today is only going to be 70 degrees. The skies will be clear and sunny, and there will be a nice breeze blowing out of the northwest. Talk about a perfect day to break my mountain biking cross-country distance… [Read more]

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Do you hate weight training? This blog is for you; Vacation announcement. Kettlebells

In the 26+ weeks since my last cut ended I’ve gained a decent amount of strength. My weight training workouts have been a combination of high volume very intense workouts and low volume very heavy workouts. Sometimes I combine those two general styles into one workout, and other times I divide them up and will focus on one thing or the other for the entire workout. Something else I’ve been doing since my cut ended… [Read more]

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The fruit trees we planted this spring are doing amazing! Ponderosa Lemon Tree

As most of you know, I really enjoy gardening. Taking care of the extensive landscaping around my home and pond is a lot of work, but it’s a true labor of love. This past spring I decided to plant a several fruit trees (along with lots of herbs, peppers and other edibles). This decision turned out to be a very wise choice! The initial costs were low, and all spring and summer long we’ve been… [Read more]

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Rode Soldiers Creek yesterday, trails are in bad shape. Bike on a Trail for October 16, 2011: one of the partially washed out bridges at Soldier's Creek.

About three weeks ago I rode what was once one of the best local trails around, Soldiers Creek. The trail was not in very good shape, but I still had fun. Over the past three weeks we’ve experienced some extremely heavy rains, and I was worried that all that rain would further deteriorate the trails at Soldiers. Still, yesterday morning I was in the mood to ride there, so I thought I’d go check things… [Read more]

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2011 maintenance weekly progress report: week #27 Timex Ironman Heart Rate Monitor

Week #27 of my 2011 maintenance program is complete, and it’s time for my weekly progress report. My goal is to complete 2011 without ever rising above 10% body fat. My scale weight this morning (as measured by the ) is 181.4 pounds. That’s a 0.8 pound gain since last week’s weight of 180.6 pounds, and a 7.8 pound gain from my end-of-cut weight of 173.6 pounds. My 7-point body fat reading this morning is… [Read more]

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Apparently not all runners are wild about me; AtLarge weekend deal. Bike on a Trail photo for October 14, 2011.

It was a little on the warm side yesterday, but the humidity was low enough that my mountain biking session, for the most part, was very enjoyable. I set out to do at least 30 miles, and I wound up doing just shy of 32 miles. Unfortunately something happened early in the ride that sort of tarnished the rest of the trip… I should start off by mentioning that I’ve been riding the trails at… [Read more]

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Felt uncharacteristically lazy yesterday, making up for it this morning. Loki is allowed to be lazy. I'm not.

Ever have those days when you can’t get motivated to do anything? That was my day yesterday–and I’m not just talking about physical activity. I was planning to ride yesterday morning, but I just didn’t feel like it and blew it off. Then I had to force myself to get my work done, and the only way I could do it was to keep reminding myself that if I didn’t buckle down I’d have to… [Read more]

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Fun ride yesterday, but cut short due to work; Wildflowers. Bike on a Trail for October 12, 2011.

Yesterday I was planning to mountain bike 25-30 miles, but I was only able to do little over 13 miles. I have a lot of flexibility with my work hours, but about 10 miles into my ride I received an email notifying me of a network problem that I had to deal with. I have my smartphone set up so I can handle most types of network issues/emergencies right on the trail (I love being… [Read more]

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