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Vacation announcement; Flank pain update; AtLarge Nitrean sale.



As regular readers of my blog know, I always try to take some time off in October so I can spend an entire week mountain biking while enjoying some of the finest riding weather we see here in Central Florida. This year I’m going to make a trip or two up to Ocala and ride at Santos, which has more than 84 miles of singletrack, a two-mile freeride trail, dirt jumps and two pump tracks. I’ll also be riding my favorite local trails, and will probably do some kayaking as well. I’ve scheduled the week of the 17th off from work, but if the weather is forecast to be hot and/or rainy I’ll probably postpone my vacation a week or more. So, unless the weather forecast alters my plans, there will be no updates to this site from Saturday, October 15th through Sunday, October 23rd. My regular daily blog will return on Monday, October 24th.

The chronic pain in my right flank area that I was experiencing up until about a month ago is completely gone. One month ago my doctor prescribed an anti-inflammatory called “Mobic”, and since I started taking it I have not felt even the slightest twinge of flank pain. It looks like my doctor was right on target with his pulled muscle diagnosis. The anti-inflammatory should allow the pulled muscle to completely heal without requiring me to reduce my physical activity, but I have to run it for another 60 days. I’m not wild about taking medications of any sort, but this really seems to be doing the trick. I’m just glad the pain was not caused by a kidney stone, which is what I originally suspected.

I just heard from Chris Mason, owner of AtLarge Nutrition, and he’s just made an already fantastic deal even better. All during October AtLarge is tossing in a free bottle of Multi-plus (a $23.95 value) with any order, and now they’ve just discounted Nitrean and Nitrean+ through Monday. Here’s the skinny:

Scary Deal October continues with some incredible deals on Nitrean and Nitrean+!

Starting Friday, October 7th and running through Monday, October 10th, Nitrean 4.6 lbs chocolate and Nitrean+ 4.53 lbs vanilla are on sale!

Nitrean 4.6 lbs choc: reg. $54.95 ON SALE FOR ONLY $44.95!

Nitrean+ 4.53 lbs vanilla: reg. $57.95 ON SALE FOR ONLY $46.95!

Like we said, October is going to be a month of SCARY DEALS and every order STILL gets a FREE Multi-Plus!!! Think about that, you save $10+ per jug of Nitrean or Nitrean+ AND you get a FREE Multi-Plus… Perhaps zombies have eaten our brains??? Buy now!

-Chris Mason, AtLarge Nutrition.