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Group ride at Chuck Lennon yesterday; Wrecked, think I cracked a rib (video).

Monday, November 7, 2011 by  
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Bike on a Trail for November 6, 2011: Chuck Lennon MTB Trails

Bike on a Trail for November 6, 2011: Chuck Lennon MTB Trails

Yesterday morning I decided to head over Chuck Lennon state park in De Leon Springs for a planned group ride. When I rode here for the first time a couple of weeks ago I made the comment that of all the trails I’ve ridden, those at Chuck Lennon were my favorite. Obviously I jumped at the chance to get back out there and also meet some new riders.

There were five us in the main group, but there were several others out riding the trails, too.

It was a humid, overcast and windy day. By the time we completed the first 5.5 mile lap it had begun to rain; the damp roots certainly added an additional element of challenge. I wish I could blame the wet roots for my wreck (more below), but this one must be filed under “bad riding”.

The trails at Chuck Lennon are divided into four sections: “Hoot Owl”–a Blue (Intermediate) trail, “Red Panther”–a Red (Advanced) trail, “Screaming Hawk”–a Yellow (Easy) trail and “Raccoon Run”–a Blue (Intermediate) trail. We always ride all four trails, which total 5.5 miles (1 lap). The first time I rode here I only fell one time on an easy wooden ramp on “Screaming Hawk”. That was embarrassing. Yesterday I also crashed just once, but this time I wrecked in a much more appropriate place: the Advanced trail, “Red Panther”.

The crash happened on the second lap. On the second lap it was just me an my friend John (who I met the first time I rode here); we were on “Red Panther” at a section of trail where there’s a decent downhill with a small (~1.5 foot) root-lipped huck (drop) part way down the descent. I’ve never had a problem with this section before, but this time I hit the jump wrong and was angled towards the right. When I landed I hit a dirt bank, flew off my bike and smashed into the ground pretty hard.

Here’s the short video of the wreck, and me doing the feature successfully immediately after (thanks to a little friendly goading from John P. :D). One cool thing about this video is that when we’re walking our bikes up a couple of the hills to do the drop/downhill again you get a better sense of the steepness of the climbs and descents compared to when they are flying by at full speed (if you want to see a longer video of me and John P. riding these trails, you can check that out here).

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I either badly bruised or cracked one of my ribs. I completed the rest of the ride, but I could definitely feel the difference in my breathing. Not that it felt like I punctured a lung or anything like that, but very deep breathing is definitely painful. This morning I’m beyond sore on my left side, and moving around really hurts in my rib area. Deep breathing also hurts, but normal breathing is fine.

I’ll be making an attempt at my leg workout this afternoon, but I may have to heavily modify it. Hopefully the ribs are just bruised and not cracked, and all will be well in a few days. 🙂

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