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My ribs are not broken; Awesome AtLarge Nitrean/Nitrean+ deal!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011 by  
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Yesterday shortly after posting my blog I changed my mind about waiting to go to the doctor about my rib injury. The pain was pretty bad, and I felt like I was coughing more than usual so I figured it would be best to just go and find out for sure what was going on in there.

During the examination the doctor poked and prodded the injured area, and listened to my breathing. After the physical examination she decided that x-rays were in order. They took three x-rays: front, back and side. Thankfully it looks like none of the ribs are broken! The doctor said that I probably just severely bruised my ribs, and possibly did some damage to the cartilage. She said the treatment is the same for breaks and bruises: pain management and time. The good news is I should only be out of action for a couple of weeks; if the ribs had been broken I would have been looking at months.

The doctor said no mountain biking or lifting weights for about two weeks, and that if I ignored her advice I would only prolong the injury. I asked her if I could do some moderate bike riding, and she said that I could if there was no pain (but joked that our definitions of “moderate” riding were probably far apart).

The truth is I can’t really do anything that will cause my breathing to become deep because it’s extremely painful when my ribcage expands as my lungs fill with air (normal breathing is fine, however).

I suspect that my perceived increase in coughing frequency is only because coughing is so painful that I notice it more.

I normally ride or lift weights every single day, so all this sitting around is already driving me crazy. There’s a nice cold front coming through for the weekend, and it going to be almost impossible for me to resist riding. Hopefully I’ll feel well enough that I can at least get some light XC riding in at Wekiwa.



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