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How are nightmares, cleaning and rib pain related?

Saturday, November 12, 2011 by  
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Lack of exercise does strange things to a person.

Lack of exercise does strange things to a person.

The title of this blog is no joke. This has been one of the strangest weeks in recent memory. The rib injury I sustained last Sunday is at the root of all this weirdness…

First of all, I’m really glad that I went to the doctor this past Monday. If I hadn’t gone I’d be very worried right now. My ribs literally hurt worse now than they did in the days following the injury. It’s almost like the injury is getting worse. I’ve never sustained a rib injury before, and I didn’t realize how painful those kinds of injuries can be.

I had to break down and take some of the pain meds (Vicodin) that my doctor prescribed, and those damn things made me feel even worse. I suppose the meds dulled the pain a bit, but I felt extremely loopy and almost sick to my stomach. I have also felt sort of run down and sick since taking the pain meds. I’ve stopped taking them, it’s not worth the little bit of relief they provided.

I’ve tried a couple of times this week to do some light exercise, but it’s proved to be all but impossible. So this is the first week in many years during which I’ve done no exercise at all. I’m coming out of my skin. I feel anxious and jittery. Even though it is somewhat painful I’ve been cleaning the house and doing anything to just get off my butt.

I do all the cooking, and after dinner the usual routine is for Lisa to handle the dishes and clean the kitchen. All week long I’ve been jumping up after dinner and saying, “You relax, I’ve got the dishes!” I have so much energy that I don’t know what to do with it all.

Between the excess energy and the rib pain I’ve been sleeping poorly this week. Add to that (and I have no idea why) I’ve been having very vivid and disturbing dreams. I often have vivid dreams, but even when those dreams are unpleasant they usually don’t bother me at all. After waking up from a nightmare I’ll think, “Ah, it was just a dream!” and I am able to quickly let it go. For some reason the past three nights I’ve had nightmares that have left me very unsettled long after waking up.

Good grief, I just want these ribs to heal so I can get back to exercising!

I am going to rest up this weekend and hope that by early next week I’ll be back on the bike and, with a little luck, able to do some light lifting in the gym.

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5 Responses to “How are nightmares, cleaning and rib pain related?”
  1. Did you have the dreams when you were taking the Vicodin? Painkillers give me bad dreams as well and make me feel like i never really fall into a restful sleep. I was taking roxicet after my hernia repair last year and it was horrible.

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  2. John,
    I understand about those pain pills. I was in the ER in June when I threw my back out and they gave me Percocet. When I got home, I took one and the room spun for over an hour and I was sick to my stomach. That was the last one I ever took. I went back to Advil or aspirin. As for your ribs, take it easy. Rest rest rest!!!

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