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2011 maintenance weekly progress report: week #31

Sunday, November 13, 2011 by  
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Week #31 of my 2011 maintenance program is complete, and it’s time for my weekly progress report. My goal is to complete 2011 without ever rising above 10% body fat.

My scale weight this morning (as measured by the EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale) is 183.2 pounds. That’s a 1.2 pound gain since last week’s weight of 182.0 pounds, and a 9.6 pound gain from my end-of-cut weight of 173.6 pounds.

My 7-point body fat reading this morning is 8.8% (the digital caliper I use is no longer sold, but this manual caliper will do fine if you need one). That’s a +0.3% body fat change since last week and a +1.9% change from my body fat reading at the end of my 2011 cut, which was 6.9%.

Using my scale weight along with my body fat reading I can easily calculate how much of my weight gain was fat, and how much was lean mass (note: JSF BodyShop™ makes these calculations for you automatically). Over the past week I’ve gained 0.65 pounds of fat and gained 0.55 pounds of lean mass; since my cut ended I’ve gained a total of 4.14 pounds of fat and gained a total of 5.46 pounds of lean mass.

My tape measurements (as measured by the MyoTape) show a quarter inch gain to my waist over the past week, while all other measurements remained the same. Since the end of my 2011 cut I’ve gained 1 inch to my waist, 3/4 inch to my hips and 1/4 inch to my quads while all other measurements have remained the same.

My detailed stats (including all tape measurements) and food logs can always be found on JSF BodyShop™. Just create a free account (existing JSF Forum members should simply log in using their forum username and password) and search for me.

As you probably know, I injured my ribs last Sunday and have been unable to do even light exercise as a result. Well, after sitting on my butt for an entire week I can’t say I’m surprised by this week’s stats. I didn’t alter my diet to account for the lack of activity, but that was on purpose. I figured that because my body is healing from an injury that cutting my calories would not have been a wise thing to do. I did eat very clean all week long, but I had a cheat meal last Monday and another one last night (so some of this morning’s weight gain is just water weight). My ribs are feeling considerably better this morning, and I have a feeling that I’ll be able to resume exercise early next week. Good. There are only around six weeks left in the year, and at 8.8% body fat I’m totally confident that I will complete the year at less than 10% body fat, which is my 2011 maintenance goal. I’m glad I have a little wiggle room as we head into the holidays, because I won’t be holding back on Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. 🙂

Here are my cardiovascular statistics for this week (as measured by the Timex Ironman Heart Rate Monitor). Please note that I didn’t start measuring this stuff until February 14, 2011, so those are my base stats. For more information on these statistics, please check out my February 14, 2011 blog.

HRrest: 41 BPM (-7 BPM since Feb 14, 2011)
HRmax: 196 BPM (+3 BPM since Feb 14, 2011)
Heart Rate Reserve: 155 BPM (+8 BPM since Feb 14, 2011)
Heart Rate Recovery: 79 BPM (+15 BPM since Feb 14, 2011)
VO2 MAX (Uth—Sørensen—Overgaard—Pedersen equation): 71.71 ml/min/kg (up from 62.93 ml/min/kg on Feb 14, 2011)

My resting heart rate is up 2 BPM this morning, which is disappointing but not entirely unexpected after an entire week of sitting around doing nothing. I’m going to stay patient for another day or two, but I can’t tell you how badly I want to go ride right now!

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  1. Hey,

    Pain meds are known to cause a drop in blood pressure, which is why people feel like the room is spinning when they start taking them. The heart sometimes makes up for the drop in blood pressure by increasing your heart rate. I wouldn’t worry about the increase too much; I’m sure you’ll return to baseline soon.

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