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I spent all weekend working outside.

Part of the backyard pond after a weekend of work.
Part of the backyard pond after a weekend of work.

Part of the backyard pond after a weekend of work.

I didn’t do any bike riding this past weekend, but I sure got plenty of exercise. I finally got out back and tackled all the pre-winter landscaping chores that I’ve been sort of dreading for the past few weeks…

Day one involved lots of weeding in the main gardens around the pond, the butterfly garden and the beds that line the fence. There was also a tremendous amount of trimming and pruning that needed to be done to all the plants in and around the pond, and I got that done as well. At the end of the day we had 7 large contractor garbage bags filled with plant trimmings and weeds, and also a large pile of banana plant and queen palm fronds. We also emptied and cleaned all the tomato, herb, vegetable and pepper growing containers and stored everything in the garage for the winter. It dawned on me after I threw the old pepper and herb plants away that a toad might have been in the soil! So I had to break open the bag and sift through all the soil by hand to make sure. Thankfully there were no toads. 🙂

I remember when I built the pond one of the most difficult things I had to deal with was the design of the waterfall berm. Erosion was a big potential issue, and I decided to tackle that by putting large flat Tennessee field stone all over the berm, and then I planted Asiatic Jasmine and Blue Daze. The Asiatic Jasmine and Blue Daze spread better than I ever could have hoped for (just look at the picture above!), and erosion has been a total non-issue.

Lisa was a huge help on day one, and made a very difficult and time-consuming job much more manageable. Thanks, Lisa!

Day two was a little more physically demanding. The mulch and rock that I originally put in when I completed the pond last year has settled and was in need of some additional material, so I spread a little more than 3 yards of mulch and about 400 pounds of river rock. I also fertilized all the plants and gave the fig tree some TLC (it’s suffering from Fig Rust right now). Apart from the fig tree, everything else back there is healthy and thriving. We’ve got mature fruit and loads of new blossoms on the orange, lemon, grapefruit, lime and papaya trees, and the banana plants are as high as 15 feet tall now! I think I have the Fig Rust problem under control now, so hopefully it will begin to thrive.

It’s leg day, but it’s a really nice morning and I may go riding instead. I can make up my leg workout tomorrow if I decide to ride today.