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Ribs are back to 100%: Great leg workout yesterday!

Working my quads.

Working my quads.

I worked my legs last Monday, but it was a pretty light workout and I was still feeling a little rib pain. Yesterday I went full bore, and there was no pain at all. Well, that’s not exactly accurate: there was no rib pain–my legs were on fire.

With my cut coming up in just over a month, I’ve decided to shift all my weight training exclusively to low rep compound exercises using very heavy weights (until my cut starts). Right now I’m eating at (or slightly above) maintenance, and so this is a good time to focus on building my strength up as much as possible heading into my cut.

Once I start my cut I’ll still be doing compound/Olympic lifts almost exclusively and very little (if any) isolation work. I’ll be doing a mix of low rep/heavy weight and high rep/moderate intense weight training.

If you missed it, I discussed my 2012 cutting goals in my November 3, 2011 blog. As I always do when I’m cutting or bulking I’ll be posting my complete daily meals/macro breakdowns, my detailed stats and many of my workouts.

I think this is going to be an interesting cut because this time around I’m going going to be very aggressive with my caloric reduction. I want to get as light as possible in just 10 weeks, but I don’t want to lose any of my “functional” strength or muscle endurance.

It’s a short week (yay!), and I’ve got a lot of work to get done by tomorrow evening so I’d better wrap this up and get started. Hope you’re day is a good one!