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Riding this morning; Amazon holiday shopping.

Saturday, November 26, 2011 by  
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We sent our family home with many of the Thanksgiving leftovers, but we saved enough for one more big meal last night. I think I ate more for dinner last night than I ate on Thanksgiving day! All the sides are now gone, and I think there’s enough turkey breast left for a couple of sandwiches.

I’m going to hit the trails this morning and work on burning some of the excess calories I’ve been consuming this week off! I’m up a couple of pounds this week, hopefully most of that is just water weight.

Please help support JSF!

Please help support JSF!

If you find JSF, the JSF Forums and/or JSF BodyShop useful, one easy way that you can help support these sites (aside from upgrading your membership) is to do your Amazon shopping after clicking the affiliate link on this site. Simply click “SHOP AT AMAZON.COM” (located in the gray sub-navigation bar near the top of the page) before starting your shopping session on Amazon.

Some of you may remember the old JSF Amazon Mall. Over the years I received feedback about the JSF Mall from many of you, and pretty much everyone said they much prefer to do their shopping directly on Amazon. I get that, and I actually feel the same way. The JSF Amazon Mall is still live, but over the past year I’ve begun to completely phase it out. In fact, you may have noticed that there are no more links to the old JSF Mall in my blogs or even in the sub-navigation bar above. The new link in the sub-nav bar takes you directly to Amazon.com, and all you have to do is start your shopping session by clicking that link:

Just click the Amazon link in the sub-nav bar to help JSF!

Just click the Amazon link in the sub-nav bar to help JSF!

When you start your Amazon shopping session by clicking the affiliate link, Amazon pays John Stone Fitness LLC a small commission on your purchases for that shopping session. By the way, doing this does not alter your prices or change any aspect of your shopping experience. Also, no personally identifying information is given to JSF (in other words, what you buy is your business). It’s just a very simple, no-cost way to help support the JSF family of web sites.

Thanks to everyone who helps keep these sites running!

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