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Want to lose fat? Some tips on how to set yourself up for victory.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011 by  
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I’ve decided to take a week off from weight training during the week between Christmas and New Year’s (Monday, December 26, 2011 through Sunday, January 1, 2012). That week will be the perfect time to give my muscles and my CNS (Central Nervous System) a break, because on Monday, January 2, 2012 my 10 week cut will begin. During my cut there will be no breaks, no cheat meals, no missed workouts and some of the most intense cardio and weight training I’ve ever done in my life.

One of the ways I mentally prepare for an extended ultra-strict cut (or bulk) is to sort of relax my diet and my training a bit in the weeks leading up to the big event. I think I picked up a variation of this habit all the way back when I was a competitive swimmer. In the weeks preceding an important swim meet (such as the Regional and State Championships), my coaches would drastically reduce the intensity and duration of my workouts (this is known as “tapering down”). By the time the swim meet came around, I would be a ball of energy due to the reduced volume and intensity of my workouts.

Extreme self-discipline is within us all.

Extreme self-discipline is within us all.

Another important way I prepare for strict cuts is by getting mentally prepared well in advance. I never simply wake up and think, “Hrm, I’m think I’ll start a strict cut today!”

Lots of people tell me they wish they had my discipline; I always reply that they do, it’s just a matter of figuring out how to tap into it. We are each responsible for the choices we make. If you lack of self-control then that’s on you. Don’t ever let yourself believe that being mentally weak is preordained destiny. That’s how losers think. Negative thoughts like, “I just can’t do this–I lack self-discipline!” is nothing but an excuse (and a really bad one). You’ve simply got to adjust the way you approach fat loss and start thinking like a winner.

I am a strong believer in visualization and positive thinking. I start that process in earnest many weeks before my cut actually starts. I think about my goals, and how I’m going to accomplish them several times every day in the weeks preceding my cut (and of course during the cut itself). I start to get fired up about testing my self-discipline and my ability to fight my way through pain and cravings. By the time my cut starts, my mind is so used to victory that I simply can’t fail.

Finally, take the time to plan your dietary attack. Have your meal plan fleshed out, the foods you need on-hand (when practical) and the foods you don’t need out of the house. If you have family members in the house, challenge them to join you. If they refuse, well, then you’re just going to have to deal with one additional hurdle, won’t you? 🙂

I remember once I was deep into a cutting phase, and Lisa wanted a pizza. Not only did I not eat the pizza, I actually made Lisa’s pizza for her and then watched her eat it. The question I had to ask myself was not, “Do you want the pizza?” Duh. Of course I wanted the pizza. I love pizza! Never ask yourself rhetorical questions that allow you to rationalize failure. No, the real question was this: “Do you want this pizza more than you want to reach your goals?” Always approach important decisions by asking yourself honest and often difficult questions; doing so will force you to confront the situation realistically and head-on.

No excuses.

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3 Responses to “Want to lose fat? Some tips on how to set yourself up for victory.”
  1. I’m loving this. Yesterday the food talk and now motivation. I’m planning to to start a cut on January 2 also and I can just feel the build up. I’m getting excited. I have had trouble with discipline but I know I have it in me. I found it when I wanted to lose weight before I got married. I can find it again.

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