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Great workout on Monday; Stray dog update.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011 by  
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I was in such a rush yesterday morning that I forgot to mention what an outstanding leg workout I had on Monday. After a week of pretty uninspired training, it felt good to get in the gym and kill it again. I am doing a lot of single leg work right now, including Bulgarian Split Squats, which are just killer. For Monday’s workout I supersetted the Bulgarians with single-leg calf raises. The calf raises are one of the few isolation exercises I’m doing right now.

Stray dog captured by one of the security cameras.

Stray dog captured by one of the security cameras.

Follow up to the stray dog I mentioned in yesterday’s blog. I set off on my bike and spent quite a bit of time riding around in the large section of vacant land across the street from my house. No sign of the dog. I also rode all around the neighborhood and didn’t spot her anywhere.

When I got home I put a bowl of food and water on the driveway, and I kept a close watch out on the security cameras. Around noon the dog came around, but I must have been distracted with work or something because I completely missed seeing her.

When I went outside around 1:00 PM I saw that the food was all gone! I reviewed the security camera footage and sure enough right around noon she came flying out of the woods and ran up our driveway. She walked past the food and right up to our front porch. She sniffed around a little bit (maybe she smelled Loki?), and then laid down on the cool brick pavers for a 10 minute rest. After her rest she walked over to the food and ate every bite.

I posted a still (above) from the front porch camera. She is definitely some sort of pit mix, maybe with some lab or golden? She reminds me so much of Turtle, who was a Pit/Shar-Pei mix. I really want to help her, because if animal control catches her she’s not going to last long thanks to her breed. If Loki gets along with her OK, I’d definitely keep her.

Hopefully she’ll come around again today…

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4 Responses to “Great workout on Monday; Stray dog update.”
  1. Hey John,

    Your friend looks like she may be Pit and Yellow Lab.

    Since animal control isn’t very animal friendly, do you happen to know of any no-kill shelters near by? I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t keep her if the circumstances are right, but most shelters have scanners so they can check for a microchip.

    The idea and process of microchipping has gotten better, but the chips can still migrate and as long as whomever scans her has a relatively new scanner, if she has a chip, they should be able to find it.

    Another thought…

    Have you been able to spot any tattoos at all? If she has a visible tat and you’re able to make it out, a phone call to your vet may or may not be helpful. Vets keep records of tats, where they are located on the animal, ect so if she has one, you may be able to locate a owner that way as well. I should note that tattoos on dogs can appear just about anywhere, so if you are not able to get close and check her ears and such, my point is moot. Shelters worth their weight also keep records of tattoos.

    Is she really thin? She looks it in the picture.

    I don’t have any other advice other than keep doing what you’re doing and take it slow. She is going to have to learn to trust you. Some dogs warm up to people faster than others.

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    • Zilla, if she ever lets us get close enough to potentially get a leash on her, I’ll take her straight to my trusted vet for a full check-up. My vet will scan her for a chip as well, however I suspect she’s not chipped and no one is looking for her. I’ve already called animal control and all of the local shelters, as well as checked local lost animal web sites. No luck.

      She looks quite thin to me, too. The video footage is the best look I’ve had at her. She simply doesn’t trust anyone and won’t let us get close.

      A cold front came through early yesterday evening, and it was rainy and windy. Knowing the front was coming I went out looking for her again several times yesterday, but never found her. I made her a comfy bed on the porch and kept food and water out there hoping she’d come back, but she still hasn’t. It’s 38 degrees right now. 🙁

      If we are able to catch her and Loki doesn’t get along with her, I would NEVER take her (or any other animal) to a kill shelter. There are plenty of options for finding her a good home, and thankfully Lisa and I have lots of resources available to ensure that happens (we’ve helped many, many strays over the years).


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  2. I’m hoping for your sake and hers that this will turn to to be a story with a happy ending. Where I am we have built-in animal control, they’re called coyotes so most strays don’t have a chance.

    If she does start coming in to eat on a regular basis, you can add some extra fat to her food if you want to. Obviously it won’t fix her weight problem overnight, but it will give her some some insulation from the cold.

    I don’t have anything else to add, so I’ll be checking in to see how things are going.

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  3. I haven’t seen her since the 6th. 🙁

    I’ve looked for her many times–both by car and by bike–over the past two days. The only animals that have touched the food I put out are the crows. The bed I made for her on the porch has remained unused. I checked with animal control once again today, nothing.

    I can only hope she found her way back home, or someone else managed to help her. I’m going to continue to look for her and keep food/water out for a few more days…

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