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Ribs are still not 100%; JSF software upgrades this morning.

This is JSF command central. :)

I had another awesome leg workout yesterday morning! I feel like I’m starting to build some nice momentum as I approach my 2012 cut, which starts on January 2nd.

One interesting item of note this morning. You may recall that I was taking an anti-inflammatory (Mobic), which was prescribed by my doctor for some chronic flank pain I was experiencing. I was on the Mobic for three months so that whatever was causing the muscular pain in my flank would be allowed to heal. Well, I completed the three month Mobic run about 4 or 5 days ago and, thankfully, I’ve not experienced any reoccurring pain in my flank. What’s interesting is that I am feeling some pain in my ribs, which I injured more than a month ago while mountain biking. I thought my ribs were completely healed, but it looks like the Mobic was hiding the fact they they are still bruised and recovering. Mobic is not a pain killer, but as an anti-inflammatory it can actually prevent pain caused by inflammation.

Man, rib injuries sure can take a long time to fully heal! Thankfully the pain is minor and is not affecting my workouts or anything like that…

This is JSF command central. :)

This is JSF command central. 🙂

OK, this morning I’ve got to do a number of JSF software updates and upgrades. Some of the updates are on the O/S level, and some of them are for WordPress (a new version was released yesterday) and the WordPress plugins. I’ve completed testing the updates on the JSF development server, and everything looks good. I don’t expect there to be any post-upgrade functionality issues or problems, but I’ll give things a thorough going-over once everything is done.

I’ll have to take JSF down (this won’t affect the JSF forums or JSF BodyShop) while some of these upgrades are performed, but the downtime should be minimal (perhaps 10 minutes or so). If you come here and see a message about site maintenance, that’s what’s going on.

Have a great day!