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Feeling better; Fruit trees are going crazy; Motivational blogs?

Thursday, December 15, 2011 by  
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I’m definitely feeling better this morning than I was yesterday. I didn’t feel like working out yesterday afternoon, but I forced myself and I’m glad that I did. The workout was solid, but not great. The nice thing is the endorphin rush did more to alleviate my headache than the allergy medication! After I finished training and took a hot shower I felt really good.

I have to give an update on our fruit trees, which I’m very excited about!

Last season’s lemons, grapefruit, key limes, papaya and oranges are all almost ripe and nearly ready to be harvested, and new blossoms and young fruit are everywhere.

Hundreds of young oranges cover the orange tree!

Hundreds of young oranges cover the orange tree!

The orange tree in particular is going crazy. All the incredible smelling blossoms that covered the tree a few weeks ago are now small oranges. There are literally hundreds of oranges on the tree now. The picture to the right just shows one small section of a single branch. I can’t wait to have fresh squeezed orange juice from oranges that I grew myself. 🙂

The most exciting new development are the banana plants. We were told that the banana plants probably would not produce fruit the first year after planting. Well, I took that as a challenge and have been very diligent in their care. My efforts have been rewarded: there are hundreds (not exaggerating) of bananas on two of the three trees, and more are coming.

There are more than 100 bananas on this single flower, and more are emerging!

There are more than 100 bananas on this single flower, and more are emerging!

Lisa and I both love bananas, and we’ll certainly be enjoying these along with our family and friends. When I go mountain biking I almost always have a pre-ride Nitrean, oats and banana smoothie before I leave the house. The extra potassium provided by bananas is perfect before activities during which you’ll be sweating away electrolytes.

The lemons, limes and grapefruit are all in various stages of blossom, too. Many of the papayas are HUGE and will soon be ripe, and it’s producing new blossoms almost constantly.

The amount of money we spent on these fruit trees was negligible, and they are producing so much fruit that they will pay for themselves 100s of times over. Fruit is expensive, and I also like knowing that what I’m eating came from my own yard.

I’m really hoping for a mild winter this year. If we have a harsh winter anything like the last two years, we may lose quite a bit of the fruit.

I know my blogs lately have not been real heavy on fitness stuff, but that’s because December is sort of a coasting month for me. Once I start my cut you’ll probably want me to shut up with all my non-stop motivational speeches. 🙂 In the meantime I can’t fake it: I’m being pretty lazy this month as I ramp up to start kicking butt in January.

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