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How I prepare my favorite breakfast: roasted red potatoes and egg whites.

This morning's breakfast: Roasted Red Potatoes, egg whites and Tabasco Green Pepper hot sauce!

Yesterday after I washed and tuned up my bike I really felt like doing some mountain biking instead of lifting weights. I decided to postpone my leg workout until today, and I’m glad that I did: I had a great afternoon ride, and when I woke up this morning I was totally in the mood to lift. I had an excellent early morning leg workout, and now I’m enjoying some roasted red potatoes and egg whites. This brings me to the subject of this morning’s blog…

This morning's breakfast: Roasted red potatoes, egg whites with garlic, green onion & cilantro and Tabasco Green Pepper hot sauce!

This morning's breakfast: Roasted red potatoes, egg whites with garlic, green onion & cilantro and Tabasco Green Pepper hot sauce!

Over the years quite a few people have asked me how I prepare my roasted red potatoes, but recently I’ve received two separate emails asking me how I prepare my egg whites. I’ve detailed how I prepare the potatoes a few times before, but I thought today I’d talk about how I make my egg whites. I’ll also re-post my easy roasted red potatoes technique for good measure.

Roasted Red Potatoes
– Wash red potatoes and then cut them into bite-sized pieces.
– Hit the potatoes with a blast of cooking spray (I like olive oil flavored Pam)
– Add salt and pepper
– Cook for about 20-25 minutes in a preheated convection toaster oven at 425 degrees (F)

Egg whites
– I’ve used quite a few different brands of skillets over the years. Right now I’m using a 10″ T-Fal (it came in a set of three). Any high quality non-stick skillet should be fine, but 10″ seems to work the best for 8-10 ounces of egg whites. If the bottom of the pan warps and bends when it’s heated, it’s crap. You need a nice even heating surface.

– Coat the pan with plenty of Pam spray. I use Olive Oil Pam when I have it, but sometimes the local grocery only has regular Pam in stock. Both work just as well.

– Make sure you use high enough heat. I set the heat to 6.5 on my electric flattop range. Make sure the pan is pre-heated before adding the egg whites (but not to the point where the Pam is smoking and burning).

– It’s important to flip the eggs just one time. Let the egg whites cook and don’t mess with them (you can lift a corner with a spatula to check for proper color until you get the feel for it). When the eggs are firm and look good on the down side, flip the whole thing over. I’ve made egg whites so many times I can flip them without using spatula. Using the flip technique takes some practice, but when you get it down it makes keeping the eggs in once piece a snap (and there’s less wear and tear on the non-stick pan). If the omelet breaks in half when you’re flipping it, no big deal–just flip both halves one at a time. The second side of the omelet will take much less time than the first side to cook, so watch carefully.

– You can mix all kinds of great stuff into the egg whites. I love garlic, green onions and cilantro. Using different ingredients and different hot sauces keeps things interesting.

This has been my standard breakfast for many years, and I still look forward to it every morning. It doesn’t take a lot of skill or practice to get your potatoes and egg whites looking and tasting great, so get in the kitchen and have some fun! 🙂