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Feeling much better after a great night of sleep.

Thursday, December 22, 2011 by  
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Wow, I just typed a fairly long blog but when I published it there was nothing there. WordPress didn’t even auto-save it as a draft. Weird, that’s never happened before. So that’s gone…

Well, I don’t have time to retype everything. Long story short: Lisa and I got some much needed rest last night, and Loki even let me sleep until 6:30, which was very nice of him.

I’m feeling slightly homicidal this morning because I have a stye just inside my lower left eyelid. It’s so hard to focus when you feel like something is in your eye constantly. I’ve tried the green teabag thing, and it helps a little, but not for long. I don’t get these things very often, but it’s miserable when I do.

I need to get to work, lots to do before my vacation!

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