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I’m on vacation; Want to get in shape for 2013? Happy New Year!

This will be my final blog until I return from my holiday, which starts today (December 21, 2012). My normal daily blog will resume on Sunday, January 6, 2013. Normally when I’m on vacation I don’t resume my daily blog until the Monday following my holiday, but I’ll be back one day early this year. Why? Because January 6, 2013 is a very special date: it’s the 10-year anniversary of the first day of my… [Read more]

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The Kurt Kinetic Road Machine The Kurt Kinetic Road Machine

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line indoor trainer that will literally last a lifetime, the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine will not disappoint.

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Product Review: Kurt Kinetic Road Machine The Kurt Kinetic Road Machine

When I decided to convert a section of my home gym into an indoor cycling training area (also known as a Bike Torture Chamber, or “BTC”), I knew that one of the most important pieces of equipment I’d be selecting for that section of my gym would be the stationary trainer. Before deciding on a trainer, I did a tremendous amount of research on the various types of indoor trainers that are currently available: roller… [Read more]

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Exercise to combat stress; Vacation plans confirmed.

I try not to let my work life bleed into my fitness blog too much, but I really need a break right now. Last year I didn’t even use all of my vacation days, and this year I’ve still got most of my vacation time available to me. I’ve decided to take a nice, long break from everything. Starting this Friday after work I’m taking two weeks off from work and blogging. During my time… [Read more]

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Quick blog, very busy week so far; Holiday vacation planning. This was my workday yesterday.

Yesterday was a busy day, and I decided to take the day off from exercising. I realize how stupid this sounds, but even after just a single day of not doing some form of physical activity I feel like an out of shape slug this morning. Today is going to be another really busy day–perhaps even more so than yesterday. No matter what I’m going to get a hard 60 minute workout in on the… [Read more]

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Another ride at Wekiwa, 4 more PRs smashed. One stop was made towards the end of my ride to admire the beautiful Wekiva River.

Wekiwa State Park is one of my favorite places to do mountain biking training rides, but during the rainy season the trails are often too wet and muddy to ride. With the rainy season behind us, two weeks ago I did some mountain biking at Wekiwa for the first time in several months. On that ride I absolutely demolished just about every personal record I’d ever set out there. I wrote in detail about my… [Read more]

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2012 maintenance weekly progress report: week #39 The FatTrack Pro Digital Body Fat Caliper

Week #39 of my 2012 maintenance program is complete, and it’s time for my weekly progress report. My scale weight this morning (as measured by the ) is 167.2 pounds. That’s a 1.6 pound loss since last week’s weight of 168.8 pounds, and a 4.4 pound loss from my 2012 end-of-cut weight of 171.6 pounds. My 7-point body fat reading this morning (as measured by the is 5.0%. That’s a -0.2% body fat change since… [Read more]

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My simple two-part strategy for eating healthy. I just made another huge Costco run. I like buying in bulk. This is just the garage freezer.

It’s all to easy to pick up the phone and call out for pizza or nuke an unhealthy frozen meal if you don’t have anything else to eat. Go look around your kitchen and be honest with what you find: are you setting yourself up for failure? My two-part strategy for maintaining a healthy diet is very simple: always have plenty of lean proteins on-hand, and keep a well-stocked pantry of basic cooking staples and… [Read more]

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Back out to Mt. Dora yesterday for a great ride (with my clothes on). Yesterday morning it was chilly and a light rain was falling. The trails were damp, but running very fast.

Yesterday morning the weather was pretty dreary: dark cloudy skies, light rain and a chill in the air. After my, er… “Wardrobe Malfunction” on Tuesday’s ride (full story is in yesterday’s blog, “Have you ever mountain biked nude? I have.“), I really wanted to get out there and ride. Also, I promised that I’d head back out there and clear the tree that fell across the trail and caused me to wreck. The crappy weather… [Read more]

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Have you ever mountain biked nude? I have. I took this picture right after I made it back to my truck.

I was pretty excited about riding the Mt. Dora mountain bike trails yesterday. We’ve seen a good amount of rainfall over the past couple of days, and I figured the sugar sand would be nice and packed down. Because I expected the trails would be running faster than they have in several months, my plan was to attack a couple of segments for time. The trails were in great shape, and running fast! There was,… [Read more]

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