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Great workouts this week, incredibly sore.

Thursday, January 12, 2012 by  
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The last weight training workouts I did prior to this week took place the week of December 19th through the 23rd. That’s amounts to a three week hiatus from weight training, and I believe that may be the longest stretch of time I’ve gone without lifting (at least while uninjured) since my initial transformation back in 2003.

DOMS is caused by microtears in the myofibrils.

DOMS is caused by microtears in the myofibrils.

It’s no surprise, then, that my legs and glutes are perhaps the most sore they have ever been. My leg workout on Monday was excellent, and I knew that after three weeks off the DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) would be pretty intense. Actually, “intense” doesn’t even begin to describe it. I normally enjoy the feeling of muscle soreness, but this week has been ridiculous! It really hurts to walk (I’m told I look quite amusing, however), and sitting down or getting up from my chair is all but impossible without using my arms to assist me while wincing in pain.

While I can’t say I’ve enjoyed this level of soreness, there’s definitely a part of me that still likes it. Even though my strength is down a little since mid-December, I haven’t backed off from my workouts one bit. I’m pleased (but never satisfied!) with my performances in the gym so far.

So yesterday was my chest/delts/triceps workout, and it was another excellent training session. Getting up from the bench and moving around the gym hurt quite a bit, but apart from that my sore wheels didn’t affect my performance.

I know I said I was going to do very few isolation exercises on this cut, but I couldn’t resist the temptation yesterday. After my compound chest exercises I felt compelled to throw in some direct triceps work, so I did 3 sets of rope triceps pressdowns supersetted with burnout (to failure) body weight triceps bench dips. Also, at the end of my workout I looked over at the dumbbell rack and before I knew it was doing “down the rack” DB lateral raise drop sets.

What can I say? I suppose there is still some bodybuilder in me. I realized yesterday that I wouldn’t be happy if I could still lift my arms when I walked (well, hobbled) out of the gym. 😀

Today is a cardio day, and my legs are still so sore that I’m not sure I can perform an effective HIIT cardio session this afternoon. I’m on the fence right now, but I may opt to do a fasted 45 minute LISS cardio session this morning instead. This degree of muscle soreness is not something that will be an issue for the rest of my cut, so if I do go with a second LISS session (I normally do just one, on Tuesday) it will be a one-time thing.

The weather this weekend is going to be amazing, so I suspect my Saturday and Sunday cardio sessions will both be real mountain biking, and very intense. Of course my upper body is already screaming this morning, and that soreness is only going to get worse over the next two days. That upper body soreness may be an issue for this weekend’s rides–not to mention I’ve got a back and abs workout tomorrow.

I suppose I could have eased back into my weight training, but I’m the sort who would rather jump into a cold pool than ease my way into it. After this week the muscle soreness will be much less of an issue, and my strength should quickly return.

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