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Another excellent workout; Follow-up on the Ab Wheel.

Saturday, January 21, 2012 by  
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Yesterday’s weight training (back, biceps and abs) closes out the second week of weight training for my 2012 cut. The workout was yet another solid performance, and I added weight and/or reps on every exercise once again. Even though it was a hard, sweaty workout I enjoyed every second of it. My energy levels continue to be off the charts, and I love that. I’m telling you guys, I do not feel like I’m in a caloric deficit right now.

It’s amazing how quickly our bodies adapt. The first week of my cut I was constantly famished (but I never felt weak); this week I feel pretty hungry as my meal times approach, but I don’t feel ravenous anymore.

Target locked on.

Target locked on.

Let’s go back to yesterday’s workout for a second. You may recall that I purchased an ab wheel the other day (the Valeo Ab Wheel), and yesterday was my first real training session using it. I can sum this inexpensive device up in just one word: EFFECTIVE!

Another word that comes to mind is “painful”–but that’s what I was hoping for.

During my first set of abdominal rollouts I was feeling some pressure in my lower back, but that’s because I was still getting the proper form down (I practiced my form the day the ab wheel arrived, but apparently not enough). After a little trial and error I had the form down solid and there was no longer any discomfort in my lower back. Once I found the right form, my abs took a serious beating. I only did 4 sets of 15, and when I was done my abs were burnt toast. This morning my abs are already very sore, and I can feel the soreness through my entire abdominal wall.

Simply put: the ab wheel targets the abs like nothing I’ve ever done to work my abs before. At about 10 bucks, it’s an incredible bang for the buck. If you train abs, just get one.

Today is a cardio day, and I think this afternoon I’m going to do an extended medium/high intensity training session (60 minutes with an average heart rate in the upper 170s) on the recumbent bike. I started doing this kind of cardio last year because it approximates my average heart rate while mountain biking, and is a fantastic workout.

It’s hard to believe I’m already two weeks into my cut! I’m really looking forward to my weekly stats report tomorrow morning, as my diet has been perfect and I’ve been training my butt off. I expect to see that I’ve made some nice progress over the past week.

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5 Responses to “Another excellent workout; Follow-up on the Ab Wheel.”
  1. You’ve got me curious about the ab wheel. I just may order one.

    Since you use a recumbent bike, have you ever had problems with getting numb toes or feet while using it?

    I tried using the recumbent bikes at the gym, but my toes on my right foot went numb so I haven’t used it since. My shoes were not too tight and I don’t think I was sitting funny. Any ideas of what could have possibly cause the numbness?

    I do have a stationary bike here at the house and I’ve never experienced numb toes from using that.

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    • No, I’ve never experienced any toe numbness at all on my recumbent bike–and I’ve done sessions up to 75 minutes on it.

      If your shoes are OK, I guess the numbness could be possibly caused by a couple of things: overly-tight toe clips (if equipped) or, possibly the position/angle of the seat itself?

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