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Yesterday’s workout; New progress photo; My fat loss secret.

Saturday, January 28, 2012 by  
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January 27, 2012. About 10% body fat here. Definition and vascularity will continue to improve as I drop to 6-7% body fat in the coming weeks.

January 27, 2012. About 10% body fat here. Definition and vascularity will continue to improve as I drop to 6-7% body fat in the coming weeks.

Yesterday’s workout (back/biceps/abs) closed out the third week of weight training for my 2012 cut, and man, I was feeling good! Not only did I add weight to every exercise, I hit my target reps on every exercise for the third straight week. My strength is now back to where it was prior to my three week break in December, and on a few exercises I’m actually using more weight that I was before the break.

I added the photo seen here to my 2012 progress photo album. More to come, of course.

Almost all of my cutting programs over the past nine years have gone very well, but I don’t think I’ve ever had a better start to a cut than I have this year. Despite being in an aggressive caloric deficit and training my butt off every single day (three days weights, four days cardio), I feel extremely energetic and strong.

Mentally I’m in a very positive place right now. I wake up each morning knowing that the day prior I did everything in my control to bring me closer to my goal. When you set a goal and you know in your heart that you’re putting every last fiber of your being into reaching that goal, that’s an extremely effective method of building momentum.

I know I bring up “momentum” a lot when I talk about successful fat loss, and that’s because I believe momentum is the most powerful force one can harness when working towards a goal (see my Fat Loss 101 article “Dedication and Momentum“). Extreme dedication doesn’t make things harder, it makes things easier. Gathering momentum in the early stages of a fat loss program is the difficult part, and unfortunately that’s where most people falter when attempting “all or nothing”. It’s a real shame, too, because momentum is my real “secret”–not some silly notion that I was blessed with some rare form of superhuman willpower.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again for those who may not have seen it. I call this my “Million Dollar Challenge”. If you think you lack willpower, then this is for you…

If I were to offer you one million dollars in tax-free cash just for sticking 100% to your fat loss diet and not missing any workouts for three months could you do it? Duh. There’s not a single person reading this right now who would not walk away with that million bucks at the end of the three months. So if you say things like, “Oh, I wish I had so-and-so’s willpower!”, well you can just knock that crap off right now. Telling yourself that you lack willpower is an absolutely terrible excuse, and I just proved it.

Your success or failure really boils down to just one thing: do you want it, or not?

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3 Responses to “Yesterday’s workout; New progress photo; My fat loss secret.”
  1. Ysterday, somebody commented:
    For some reason I’ve always had trouble making my lower abs pop even at very low body fat percentages (that’s probably just my storage location of last resort!) and this approach seemed to really hit them especially well to make them bigger so even with some fat they are more visible.

    I was a little late getting to yesterday’s blogs comments. I am not saying they are wrong, I am just asking if that is accurate, that by making the abs bigger, that they show with more fat? I always was under the impression that the only way to get them to show was 10% fat or less.

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