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Great workout yesterday, but had to force myself to do it; Chicken stir fry.

Thursday, February 2, 2012 by  
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For the very first time so far on this cut, yesterday afternoon I was simply not in the mood to train. I was feeling a little tired and lethargic, and I was also buried in work.

Like any of that crap matters.

When my workout time arrived I forced myself to get out of my office chair and went straight into my gym. Of course (and this is almost always the case), once I got in the gym and got going I felt awesome. My workout was outstanding, and I added weight and/or reps to every exercise I did. So far on this cut every workout has been better than the last.

Long-time readers of my blog know that when I’m cutting or bulking I go into what I call “machine mode”. “Machine mode” is term I use to describe the mindset I adopt when missing a workout or going off my diet is simply not an option. When you’re doing something that requires a great deal of discipline over a long period of time (dieting, quitting smoking, training for an event, etc.), your mind will either be your greatest ally or your worst enemy. The mental aspect of fat loss is an extremely important subject, and so I’m going to devote an entire blog (likely as another “Fat loss 101” article) in the very near future.

Preparing last night's post-workout meal #2: chicken stir fry.

Preparing last night's post-workout meal #2: chicken stir fry.

My usual Wednesday post-workout meal #2 (PWO #2) is a spicy chicken stir fry served with brown rice. I absolutely love this dish: it’s a perfect post-workout mix of lean protein, carbs and vegetables. I can eat large portions, even when I’m cutting. I snapped the picture to the right last night while I was stir frying everything in my wok (you’ll definitely want to use a wok when you cook a stir fry, I’ve been using this inexpensive Joyce Chen wok for many years).

Yesterday I made a slight modification to my posted stir fry recipe by adding an optional ingredient: 2 teaspoons corn starch. Depending on the veggies you use, sometimes the sauce can get a little watery. The corn starch will thicken the sauce up very nicely, and that’s how I like it.

Unfortunately I’m a little tired right now, as my clever plan to sleep past 5:00 AM backfired. I went to bed later than usual last night in the hopes that I would sleep a little later. Well, I woke up at 4:38 AM anyway, and I couldn’t fall back asleep. 🙁

We might get some rain this morning, but I’m going mountain biking anyway! That should wake me up…

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2 Responses to “Great workout yesterday, but had to force myself to do it; Chicken stir fry.”
  1. Re: waking up early…welcome to your 40s! In the last couple of years (I’m 45), I started waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to go back to sleep. I now take a half of a sleeping pill at night before bed. Now if I wake up early, I can get back to sleep.

    You don’t seem like the sleeping pill kind of guy. However, one thing that may help you sleep: you should try exercising. Oh, wait… 🙂

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    • I’ve been sleeping very well through the night, it’s just that somehow my internal clock got off an hour. Once I get used to waking up at a certain time, I keep waking up at that time. That’s why the time changes always mess me up for a couple weeks. I think you’re on the right track with the exercise comment: I need to ride about 100 miles this weekend, that way I’ll be extra tired and may sleep until 6:00!

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