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Got a little more sleep last night; My 2012 cutting progress as compared to 2011.



After about a week of waking up around 4:45 AM-ish, the lack of sleep combined with being in a caloric deficit is starting to catch up to me. Yesterday morning I was in a zombie-like state, and I decided that going mountain biking in that condition might not be the smartest thing to do. Instead I did 60 minutes of cardio on my recumbent bike. Even in the relatively safe confines of my home gym I somehow managed to stub my toe pretty hard, so I think skipping the trails was a wise choice.

This morning Lisa and I both woke up around 4:30 AM once again. She got out of bed, while I tried to fall back asleep. By some miracle I actually managed to drift back off, but unfortunately Lisa forgot to turn her alarm clock off. Shortly after resuming my much-needed slumber, the alarm clock shattered the silence and woke me up for good. Sigh. No, I didn’t kill her.

The little bit of extra sleep I got before the alarm clock went off definitely helped. I’m feeling a little more energetic today than I was yesterday, and I’m going to have a great workout this afternoon.

I’m approaching the end of week #4 of my 2012 cut now, and I’m extremely happy with the progress I’ve made so far. My weight training workouts have all been exceptional, my strength is up, my diet has been squeaky clean, my body fat percentage is in the mid-to-low 9% range, my cardiovascular stats have shown consistent improvement and, apart from the sleep issues this past week, I’ve felt incredible.

Being right outside the 8% body fat range just 4 weeks into my cut is a pretty cool feeling. By comparison, I was nine weeks into my 2011 cut before I reached the approximate point I’m at now (I was 184 pounds @ 9.3% body fat nine weeks into my 2011 cut). In 2011 I cut for a total of 15 weeks (reaching 6.9% body fat at the end), and this year I’m about 5 weeks ahead of where I was last year. Of course I can’t say exactly how long I’ll need to continue cutting to reach my scale weight/no loss of strength/body fat goals, but if I had to take a guess right now I’d say six more weeks, tops.

I’d better get to work, lots to do today. Happy Friday!