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Wednesday, February 8, 2012 by  
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After nearly 5 straight weeks of eating 100% clean foods, absolutely no cheat meals or snacks, zero alcohol, early to bed and early to rise, working out seven days per week and basically living, breathing and sleeping as though my life depended on reaching my fat loss goals, some cravings are certainly to be expected at this point.

So where are they?!

It’s strange, but so far on this cut I’ve literally experienced no serious desire to consume anything off my planned fat loss diet. For example, last night my brother and I were on a video call, and he was devouring a peperoni pizza as we chatted. It looked good (I am human, after all), but there was no real temptation there.



On the weekends Lisa and I generally watch at least one movie up in our theater. When I’m not cutting I always have a bucket of popcorn, a soda (Coke Zero, if you’re interested–I much prefer the taste of Coke Zero over sugary soft drinks) and sometimes even chocolate while I enjoy the film. Of course when I’m cutting I consume none of those things, and that’s been the most difficult indulgence to put aside. When I say “difficult”, I am speaking relatively: the truth is avoiding movie snacks has been a surprisingly easy short-term sacrifice to make. The first weekend of my cut was the hardest, but at this point I don’t even think about it.

In case you’re not aware, I’m sort of a popcorn nut. I have a real theater popcorn popper, and I’m a bit fanatical when it comes to duplicating the movie theater experience in our home (you can check out my home theater and theater lobby here if you’re interested).

Because theater popcorn is sort of my dietary Achilles’ heel, last year when I was cutting I made sure there were no popcorn packs in the house. This year, however, I’ve got dozens of popcorn packs on-hand. Those little packages of buttery goodness are sitting on full display, just begging to be popped. I see them every time I go upstairs, but the temptation just isn’t there.

This morning I’ve been thinking about why I’m not really experiencing any cravings, and I think the answer lies in my “all or nothing” approach. If you make a conscious choice to jump in the ocean then you know you’re going to get soaked; trying to fight getting wet is pointless, so you don’t even think about that option.

When you “dabble” with fat loss all those temptations are going to seem a lot more attractive simply because you’ve left that door open. As far as I’m concerned that makes fat loss harder than it needs to be.

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2 Responses to “Cravings.”
  1. Might the lack of cravings also be due to the fact that you started this year’s cut at a lower body fat percentage than you previous year’s cuts? I believe the further one is away from his goal the more likely one is to succumb to cravings. That’s my experience anyway…

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