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Yesterday’s workout; Intensity; Train at home or in a gym?; New photo.

Thursday, February 9, 2012 by  
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I always stage my gym before training. Here I'm setting up the gym for yesterday's workout. About 184 pounds / 9% body fat.

I always stage my gym before training. Here I'm setting up the gym for yesterday's workout. About 184 pounds / 9% body fat.

I’m midway through the fifth week of my 2012 cut, and so far I’ve done fourteen weight training workouts and seventeen cardio workouts. Every single one of those workouts have been better than the last, and that’s no exaggeration. I felt amazingly good during yesterday’s chest/triceps/delts workout, and I added weight to every exercise and met (or exceeded) my target reps once again.

Intensity is the name of the game when I train, and I like to keep my weight training workouts brief (45 minutes or less). My chest/triceps/delts workout is currently my highest volume workout, and so I keep the action moving along by doing supersets, drop sets and giant sets. There’s not a single “straight” set in the workout. I rest no more than 60 seconds between sets (often less than that) and no more than 2 minutes between exercises.

Something else I do to allow my workouts to move along at a fast pace and keep my mind focused entirely on training is I always prepare my home gym and my workout logs before I actually start lifting:

– I fill out my training log with my planned exercises and the weights I’ll be using. All I have to do when I’m lifting is quickly jot down the number of reps I did and any notes.

– I get my gym set up for the exercises I’ll be doing that day. This basically involves putting attachments in place and making sure the plates I’ll need are pre-loaded (when possible), or on the floor ready to quickly slap on the bar.

The ability to prep my gym and do my workout at a relentless pace (no asking to “work in”, no idle chatter and no waiting for some clueless jackass to finish his curls in the lone squat rack) are the biggest reasons I love training alone in my home gym. When I train I’m very focused and very intense, and I do not like to talk (I’m usually too busy trying to catch my breath to talk!) I’m a pretty affable guy most the day, but when I’m training I simply do not want to be around anyone else.

The choice to train at home or in a public gym is a highly personal one. Working out at home is a no-brainer for me: I’m a self-starter, and I very rarely have a problem getting fired up to train. Some people can’t get motivated unless they have a training partner and/or are around other people who are lifting. The atmosphere in a good gym can certainly be inspiring, no doubt about that!

Before investing the space and money in a home gym, be absolutely sure you’re the type of person who will actually use it.

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  1. I really like training at home to. My TV, music, bathroom are all right there. I got real tired of the the gym I was at holding racquetball tournaments (often closing section of the gym so they could party and drink buckets of beer) Just what I want to train around. I can train anytime I want also.

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