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Fat loss and clothing.

Saturday, February 11, 2012 by  
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This is how my size 33 "bulking" jeans fit me this morning. A bit roomy, yeah?

This is how my size 33 "bulking" jeans fit me this morning. A bit roomy, yeah?

One of the most obvious indications of fat loss and muscle gain is how our clothes fit. Most people have a set of clothes that fit perfectly, and a set (or sets) of clothes that fit perfectly at one time or another. 🙂

Since my initial transformation back in 2003 my body has changed drastically over the years. With all the cutting and bulking I’ve done, I’ve seen big swings in my body weight, body fat percentage and lean mass. I’ve been as big as 236 pounds (end of bulk, December 2006), as light as 160 pounds (end of initial transformation, mid-2003) and every point in between those extremes. As you might expect, I’ve purchased a heck of a lot of clothes over the years!

I still have a few pair of jeans that I purchased in 2006 (when I reached 236 pounds) that are so big and baggy on me now it’s hard to believe they once fit. On the other end of the spectrum, I have one or two pair of pants that I purchased at the end of my initial transformation back in 2003 (when I was a very lean, but non-muscular, 160 pounds) that I can’t even begin to put on now.

These days my weight and body fat are more stable, but I still have clothes that fit well when I’m around 9-10% body fat, and clothes that fit well when I’m below 8% body fat. For example, I have a few pair of size 29 jeans that I love, but they are a little too tight on me when I’m above 8% body fat by more than a few ticks. I just tried a pair of those size 29s on, and they are still a little tight for my liking, but I’m getting close (I’m in the mid to high 8% body fat range right now). When I finish my cut at somewhere between 6% and 7% body fat, these jeans will fit perfectly again.

My absolute favorite pair of shorts are size 32, and even when I’m around 10% body fat they are a little too loose and baggy. I wear them anyway because I love them. Well, last night I had my favorite shorts on, and they simply will not stay up anymore; they literally fall right off my hips after just a few steps. I was wearing these shorts yesterday when I took the short walk to my mailbox, and I had to pull them up about 8 times. I guess it’s time to put my favorite pair of shorts up until next Winter.

I always love it when I’m cutting body fat and I’m able to make the transition to my “summer” wardrobe. Measurements and stats are great, but there’s no better feeling than being able to wear clothes than only fit when you’re ultra-lean! 🙂

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