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Feeling great, and here’s why.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012 by  
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All fat loss battles are won and lost in the mind.

All fat loss battles are won and lost in the mind.

I am so in the zone right now! Over the past six weeks I’ve built a tremendous amount of momentum, and my progress on all fronts has been outstanding. Every day when I wake up I’m excited about that day’s workout. Cravings have been a total non-issue. My strength is up, my cardio has shown consistent improvement and–despite being in a constant caloric deficit–my energy levels remains extremely high.

Even though I’m eating under maintenance, I believe that there are several reasons I’m feeling so good right now:

I’m eating 100% “clean”. This alone goes a long way towards making up for a reduction in calories. Healthy, all-natural foods allow our bodies to thrive.

No alcohol. I believe this one is huge. During the maintenance phases of my life I eat very clean most of the time, but I do drink (mostly red wine). I definitely notice a very positive difference when I’m completely abstaining from alcohol. Sure, red wine has some health benefits, but at the end of the day an alcoholic beverage does your body more harm than good (there are much healthier sources of antioxidants, for example, than red wine). Alcohol is a toxin, after all, and when it’s consumed our bodies have to work very hard to get rid of it. I’m not suggesting you can’t be healthy and drink occasionally, but if you say “I only drink red wine for the health benefits”, well, give me a break; you and I drink because we like the buzz.

Proper rest. The importance of getting enough rest can’t be understated. A few weeks ago I was waking up very early for some reason, and not getting a good night’s sleep. I really noticed the difference, too. That short time was the one swatch of this cut during which I had to force myself to train. Now that my sleep patterns have returned to normal I’m feeling great again.

Progress. Progress is your reward for hard work, and when your hard work is paying off it’s incredibly motivating. I’ll admit it: I’m addicted to progress, and that’s why I always attack fat loss with an “all or nothing” strategy. I figure if I’m not doing everything in my power to maximize my results then I’m depriving myself from potential progress and momentum. I don’t like to waste any time. I am definitely the “shortest distance between two points” type of guy.

Positive attitude. This pretty much takes care of itself when you’re doing everything mentioned above. I can tell you that whenever I’m rocking and rolling on a fat loss program I’m very rarely in a bad mood. Sometimes as meal time approaches if I’m hungry I may feel a little cranky, but that’s not the same as being negative.

On that last note, here’s a mental trick I use whenever I’m cutting and feeling hungry between meals: I allow myself to enjoy the uncomfortable sensation by telling myself that what I’m feeling is fat cells dying. Try it. 🙂

All fat loss battles are won and lost in the mind. I see many beginners (and even some vets) who obsess over “perfect” macro ratios, hitting their target calories on the nose or coming up with the holy grail of training routines. Those things are all pointless if you don’t have the discipline and dedication to carry them out, so focus on that.

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