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My wife rocks.

Thursday, February 16, 2012 by  
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My Valentine, Christmas 2011.

My Valentine, Christmas 2011.

My wife is so cool. This past Tuesday was Valentine’s day, and I almost always make us a nice steak dinner to celebrate. My planned diet on Tuesday (a cardio day) did not include any carbs for dinner, and steak without potatoes is like, well, steak without potatoes. Lisa suggested that we simply postpone our Valentine’s day celebration until Wednesday (a weight training day) so that I could have roasted red potatoes with the steak (a lean sirloin steak, of course–I am cutting after all).

It gets even better. Lisa stopped at the store to pick up the steaks yesterday afternoon, and she purposely didn’t buy wine because she knows I’m not drinking right now (no exceptions). I told her it wouldn’t have bothered me in the least if she’d had a glass of wine with dinner, but she said she rather not drink if I’m not drinking.

I’ve been cutting for almost six weeks now, and Lisa has happily enjoyed the same foods that I’m eating while completely abstaining from alcohol. It’s not like she needs to do this, either (she’s very lean): she’s simply showing her support for me and enjoying the healthy foods.

Lisa and I have been together since 1989 (married since 1994), and she has always been in my corner. I am exceptionally lucky to be married to someone that is so supportive of my goals and lifestyle. Lisa, you rock.

I had another amazing workout yesterday; knowing I was going to get to enjoy a nice lean steak and some healthy potatoes afterwards was a good motivator. Talk about a satisfying post workout meal #2! While I don’t eat steak very often when cutting, 10 ounces of lean beef along with 7 ounces of roasted red potatoes fits right into my PWO meal #2 cutting diet: 470 calories, 69g protein, 28g carbs and 8g fat. I woke up this morning feeling lean and strong.

I’ve opened the March “100 Challenge” for registration.

I’m going to eat and go mountain biking now. 🙂

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  1. John, +1 for having a supportive wife. My wife shops, cooks, and eats with me every night for dinner. I am carb cycling so she knows what days are High, Low, or No carbs. I am so lucky to have such a supportive spouse. Yeah, she rocks!

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