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Felt some weakness yesterday; Replacement stem arriving today.

Saturday, February 25, 2012 by  
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For the very first time of my 2012 cut I lacked energy for yesterday’s workout (back/biceps/abs).

I decided to train earlier than normal yesterday, and it’s quite possible that the early training time may have contributed to my lack of energy (I only had one meal in me).

I fought through the weakness, and I still managed to add weight and/or reps to every single exercise for the seventh straight week. I still don’t know how I managed to accomplish that. Sheer force of will, I suppose–I did not want to break the incredible streak I’m on! By the time I finished training I was shaking and could barely muster the strength to make my post-workout Nitrean and Oats shake. Yeah, that was a tough one to get through…

After aggressively dieting and training very hard seven days per week for seven straight weeks, it’s far from surprising that I’ve finally experienced some signs of fatigue. In fact, the only truly surprising thing is that it’s taken this long! So here’s the deal: I’m not going to let one slightly off day alter my diet or training just yet. I’ll file yesterday away as a potential harbinger, and will continue to monitor things very carefully. If I experience another workout like yesterday again next week it may be time to consider a clean refeed.

Another possible threat is that Lisa returned home from Sin City early this morning with the flu. I’m going to have to be very careful to avoid picking that up. Even though I’m in great health right now, I have been in a caloric deficit for almost two months and that could certainly cause my immune system to be weakened.

If you read Thursday’s blog and Friday’s blog (both very mountain-bike heavy), you know that I completed many significant upgrades to my Trek Fuel. The only thing about the upgrades that I was not happy with was the shorter 70mm/5° Truvativ stem. The replacement stem–a 110mm/10° Thompson Elite X4–will be arriving this morning. After I swap the stem out I’m going to hit the trails. Hopefully the longer stem will hit the comfort sweet spot, as I felt way too cramped with the shorter stem. If I’m still feeling a little boxed in, the next step will be replace with 20mm setback seatpost with a seatpost that has a 25mm or 30mm setback.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s weekly progress report. I know I’m down at least another pound this week; because I’m now in the mid-to-low 7% body fat range, at this point each pound really shows in the mirror.

Enjoy your Saturday!

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6 Responses to “Felt some weakness yesterday; Replacement stem arriving today.”
  1. I wouldn’t get a layback post that had more setback. You can adjust your saddle forward and back 5-10mm. If you go too far back, pedaling becomes uncomfortable and stresses your knees and lower back. It also effects the geometry of your bike, the front end becomes light and begins to wander on climbs.

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    • I’ve already got the saddle back as far as specs allow.

      Bottom line is the 18.5″ frame is too small for me. Yet another reason my LBS sucks: the one job they had when they sold me the bike was to put me in the right size bike. They failed.

      That said, I think the longer stem will do the trick.

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  2. I agree about LBS’s, there are like 10 bike shops within a 20 min drive from me. There is only one that I will use to work on my bikes. I do 95% of my own stuff but I use them to build/true wheels, or do something I don’t have a tool for like facing a headset, pressing in cups or setting a crown race. I’ve had bad experiences at every other shop in town.
    Stem should do the trick, you are between sizes, I always recommend riders go with the smaller size if they ride aggressively or larger size if they primarily ride xc.

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