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I’m turning into a weight weenie; XC racing; Server migration complete. I left the camera behind again yesterday.

This past Saturday I decided to do something a little different when I went mountain biking at Wekiwa. That “something different” was to ride as light as possible. To quickly recap: this experiment involved leaving my heavy DSLR camera ( outfitted with the ) behind, taking less water and removing a number of non-essentials from my . Between my ~10 pounds of scale weight loss over the past few weeks and the reduced equipment and… [Read more]

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Yesterday’s workout; Intensity; Train at home or in a gym?; New photo. I'll be weight training this morning: going with moderate weights, very high intensity.

I’m midway through the fifth week of my 2012 cut, and so far I’ve done fourteen weight training workouts and seventeen cardio workouts. Every single one of those workouts have been better than the last, and that’s no exaggeration. I felt amazingly good during yesterday’s chest/triceps/delts workout, and I added weight to every exercise and met (or exceeded) my target reps once again. Intensity is the name of the game when I train, and I… [Read more]

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Cravings. Zzzzzzzzz....

After nearly 5 straight weeks of eating 100% clean foods, absolutely no cheat meals or snacks, zero alcohol, early to bed and early to rise, working out seven days per week and basically living, breathing and sleeping as though my life depended on reaching my fat loss goals, some cravings are certainly to be expected at this point. So where are they?! It’s strange, but so far on this cut I’ve literally experienced no serious… [Read more]

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Saturday’s cardio; Leg workout; New PRs; Strength/cardio ahead of last year. This is my favorite room in the house.

From the moment I woke up yesterday morning all I could think about was getting into the gym and destroying my legs. After lunch I kept looking at the clock, anxiously waiting for my workout time to roll around. I love days like that. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll get back to yesterday’s workout a bit further into today’s blog, but first I want to talk about Saturday’s cardio… I will start off by mentioning that my sleep… [Read more]

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Fat loss 101: Machine Mode Machine mode taken to its logical extreme: 0% body fat.

“It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.“ While my primary objective is to terminate body fat and not a human target, my mindset is not too far removed from the above quote when I’m cutting. When I start a cut I lock on to my target and pursue it with single-minded focus until… [Read more]

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2012 cut weekly progress report: Week #4 EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale

Week #4 of my 2012 cutting program is complete, and itโ€™s time to check my progress and make any necessary adjustments to my diet and training. NOTE: If you’re trying to lose fat or gain muscle it’s absolutely critical that you check your progress–and not just with a bathroom scale. I recommend that once every week you check your scale weight, your body fat percentage (using a caliper, not an inaccurate Bioelectrical Impedance scale) and… [Read more]

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Another “dig deep” workout yesterday; Working out when you don’t feel like it. This was me at rock bottom almost a decade ago. I changed, so can you.

As I mentioned a couple of times recently, this past week I’ve been having trouble sleeping past 4:45 AM or so. Yesterday morning I manged to catch a few extra winks, but as my afternoon workout time drew closer I was yawning and and struggling to find the energy to do even the most mundane tasks. I knew the workout was going to be a challenge, but skipping it was absolutely out of the question…… [Read more]

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Got a little more sleep last night; My 2012 cutting progress as compared to 2011. Die.

After about a week of waking up around 4:45 AM-ish, the lack of sleep combined with being in a caloric deficit is starting to catch up to me. Yesterday morning I was in a zombie-like state, and I decided that going mountain biking in that condition might not be the smartest thing to do. Instead I did 60 minutes of cardio on my recumbent bike. Even in the relatively safe confines of my home gym… [Read more]

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Great workout yesterday, but had to force myself to do it; Chicken stir fry. Preparing last night's post-workout meal #2: chicken stir fry.

For the very first time so far on this cut, yesterday afternoon I was simply not in the mood to train. I was feeling a little tired and lethargic, and I was also buried in work. Like any of that crap matters. When my workout time arrived I forced myself to get out of my office chair and went straight into my gym. Of course (and this is almost always the case), once I got… [Read more]

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Waking up very early these days; Busy morning; No TSM this month. Well, this is certainly becoming a familiar sight...

I don’t know what the deal is, but for the past couple of weeks I have been waking up between 4:45 AM and 5:00 AM every single morning. Normally I get up at 6:00 AM without fail (and I have for many years), so this new phenomenon is a little weird. I’ve been going to bed about my usual time–generally around 9:00 PM–and I’ve been sleeping very well. I feel well-rested and have plenty of… [Read more]

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