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Record-breaking workout; New photos + 2011 vs 2012 comparison.

Thursday, March 15, 2012 by  
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I took this photo yesterday, post-workout. At about 5.9% body fat, my vascularity is quite pronounced.

I took this photo yesterday, post-workout. At about 5.9% body fat, my vascularity is quite pronounced.

Are you guys getting tired of me talking about how great my workouts have been? Well too bad! 😉

It’s not my fault. I always report the good, the bad and the ugly, and so it is my duty to mention that, yet again, yesterday’s workout was freaking outstanding.

I kicked off my workout by adding 10 pounds to my bench press, and manged to do more reps than I did last week. Up until yesterday I’d been supersetting bench press with rope triceps pressdowns, but yesterday I decided to switch to standing overhead DB extensions. I used 15 pounds more weight on the DB extensions than I was using at 190 pounds body weight, and did more reps (and that was immediately after indirectly working my triceps with the bench press!)

That was just the start. The rest of the workout progressed predictably. 🙂

I grabbed the photo seen above after my workout, and added it to my 2012 photo gallery.

Over the past ten weeks I’ve not had anything even close to what I would call a “bad” workout, and only two or three that I would classify as less than outstanding. This has been the best string of workouts I’ve had since my 2008 bulk, and easily the best overall set of training sessions while cutting I’ve ever had.

I’m already leaner than I was when I ended my cut last year, but with my strength and energy still holding out I am reluctant to end my cut right now. My goal, after all, is to get as light as possible without losing strength. I know that I’ve got to be closing in on the practical limits of how far I can take things this year without sacrificing strength, but I’m going to dig deep and crank out one more week of cutting after taking this coming Sunday’s measurements.

2011 (6.9% body fat) vs 2012 (5.9% body fat)

2011 (6.9% body fat) vs 2012 (5.9% body fat)

I was looking at my end of cut photos from last year, and I found a shot that was very similar to the one I took yesterday. In the set of photos to the left, the left-most picture was taken at the end of my 2011 cut, while the picture on the right was taken yesterday. This comparison demonstrates that when at low body fat levels even a 1% body fat difference (6.9% in 2011 vs 5.9% in 2012) is visually significant: the veins in my forearms are much more visible this year, and the vein over my biceps is larger and more pronounced. Also, cuts are deeper and overall muscular definition is visibly improved over last year’s end of cut photo.

I need to eat and do my cardio – busy work day ahead. 🙁

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2 Responses to “Record-breaking workout; New photos + 2011 vs 2012 comparison.”
  1. Impressive photo’s. You actually look pretty big in those photo’s (big as in muscle size, not fat). You have no skin issues losing a decent amount of weight in a relatively short time? If you do, it can’t be seen in the photo’s. Kudos on another successful cut.

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    • Being ripped (especially with a pump) definitely adds apparent mass. For example, my arms when cold/unpumped are currently a hair under 16″–that’s pretty small for me. In the picture shown above my arms are almost 17″ with a triceps pump.

      So while I’m not anywhere close to the size I was a few years back (which I’m obviously fine with), I’m not going to blow away in a strong wind, either.

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