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Can’t wait to train, early workout today; Weird cravings last night.

Friday, March 16, 2012 by  
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I am really in the mood to lift this morning. I don’t think I can’t wait for my usual afternoon workout time, so I think I’m going to train this morning. Today is back/biceps/abs day, and I’ll be deadlifting pretty heavy. My lower back has been fairly achy this week (probably from Monday’s record-breaking squats), so I’m going to have to be careful to not let my form slip at all.

Also, I mentioned that starting last Saturday morning my left shoulder was hurting a bit. I think the pain was probably from last Friday’s workout; specifically, hammer curls. I added weight to the hammer curls again last week (+5 pounds to each DB), and that exercise always seems to bother my shoulders around the weights I’m using now. I’m really strict with my form, too (no swinging!) For today’s workout I’m going to drop the hammer curls and do something else. Maybe preacher curls, which I’ve not done in ages.

Lisa could eat this kind of stuff all day and not gain a pound. I hate her.

Lisa could eat this kind of stuff all day and not gain a pound. I hate her.

Cravings haven’t been too bad on this cut, but last night I was having massive cravings for chocolate, of all things. It’s very unusual for me to crave sweets. I mean, I love good chocolate, but I don’t have much of a sweet tooth. Usually the foods I crave are more along the lines of popcorn, pizza and french fries. It may have something to do with the fact that Lisa has been indulging quite a bit lately. 🙂 She’s been enjoying Doritos (a half bag at a time), huge chocolate chip cookies with nuts, various chocolate covered nuts, and so on. Of course she’s not put on even an ounce of fat. In fact, her scale weight this morning was 111.4, which is a couple pounds lighter than usual. Damn ectomorphs…

Happy Friday!

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6 Responses to “Can’t wait to train, early workout today; Weird cravings last night.”
  1. I hear you on that John I live with my brother he is 6-2 weighs 150 soaked he can’t gain weight at all. I am back in a routine 3 weeks now but get to see him eating crap and look good while doing it.

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  2. John John John…You’e been hard at it for weeks at full balls to the walls intensity in a caloric deficit plus added volume of yardwork with no week long recovery and you already mention your back is aching. I know you are driven but isn’t the risk of the recurrent back injury/pain enough to remind you to listen to your body?

    I know, who am I; sorry to nag but I just see you heading for a regret there.

    You’ve already said several times you are incredulous at how much your strength has increased week after week. To use a stock market analogy is it perhaps time to sell and take some gains? At least give your back a chance to recover from the brutal pounding you’ve given it since you’ve started the cut?

    Only because I care; sorry to be naggy and in your business.

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    • I’m fine. If I stopped lifting every time I had a few aches and pains I wouldn’t do much lifting at all.

      The risk of aggravating my lower back is always there. I once threw it out putting a DB away.

      One more week and I’m done with this cut. I appreciate your concern, but I got it.

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