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Post-cut weight has finally stabilized.

Thursday, April 5, 2012 by  
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It’s coming up on three weeks since my cut ended, and if you read this past Sunday’s blog you know that I continued to drop fat after ending my cut.

After my cut ended I slowly increased my daily caloric intake, kept my diet very clean (just one splurge meal over the past three weeks) and my activity level continued to be very high. All those factors combined are why I kept dropping fat even after I ended my cut. Last Sunday I was down to an incredibly light 169.4 pounds at 5% body fat…

This morning my scale weight is 170.2 pounds, which is 1.4 pounds less than my scale weight when I ended my cut (171.6 pounds) but a slight increase over last Sunday’s weight. I’m actually happy about that, as I did not want to continue losing weight.

I expect my body fat to slowly rise over the next few months, and I will probably level off and maintain somewhere around 8% body fat for most of the year. Maintaining 5-6% body fat is certainly possible, but (for me) it requires a very restrictive diet. I’m not interested in that. I find that maintaining ~8% body fat is not difficult, and doing so affords me plenty of dietary freedom. What fun is summer if you can’t relax and enjoy some less-than-healthy food with friends on occasion? 🙂

My workout yesterday was pretty good, but not great. The workout was my first chest/delts/triceps workout since taking two weeks off from training, and I definitely lost a little strength. The tradeoff is that almost all my nagging aches and pains are gone, and so I don’t mind the slight loss in strength. I’m sure that as I continue to train and eat at maintenance levels my strength will quickly rebound and then increase.

Today is a cardio day and–somewhat surprisingly–I’m not in the mood to go mountain biking. Weird, I know. I’m at least going to go get a 45-minute cardio session on the recumbent bike before I get to work.

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