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Yard work today; Last week’s workouts.

Saturday, April 7, 2012 by  
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It's an incredibly beautiful morning - perfect for being outside!

It's an incredibly beautiful morning - perfect for being outside!

It’s an absolutely beautiful morning here: just 60 degrees (F), clear skies and a cool breeze is blowing. The high today is only going to get up to 75 degrees, so it’s a perfect day to be outdoors. I was torn between going mountain biking and getting some yard work done, and I’ve decided that I’d rather get my chores out of the way right at the start of the three day weekend. Once the yard work is done I can relax and enjoy myself for the next few days.

Not a bad week of workouts for my first week back in the gym after a two week break from training. I’m still strongly considering scaling back my weight training so I can ride more. Even though I don’t get too sore after the first couple of weeks, my muscles are still fatigued. I definitely notice the difference in power and stamina when I’m riding. I actually heard from two riders (one mountain biker and one roadie) that say they completely stop weight training during the riding season. I’m not sure that I’ll go that far, but I suppose it’s worth considering.

Well, I need to eat and get to work! Have a wonderful Saturday. 🙂

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