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I’ve been lazy; Weight training changes.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 by  
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Loki is allowed to be lazy. I'm not.

Loki is allowed to be lazy. I'm not.

I’ve had a lot of non-fitness stuff taking up my time over the past few weeks, and I’ve allowed that to sort of push my mountain biking aside. Yesterday I didn’t go mountain biking, and didn’t even bother to do indoor cardio. Today is supposed to be a weight training day, but I really feel the need to get outside and ride. So I’m going to do that.

Yeah, no excuses–I’ve been a little lazy the past couple of weeks. I’ve been weight training, but I’ve barely been on my mountain bike or done any real cardio. My diet has been extremely clean, at least, so my weight and body fat have remained quite stable (169.8 pounds at 5.1% body fat).

I’ve been giving the notion of scaling back on my weight training so I can mountain bike more often a lot of thought, and I’ve decided to give that a trial run. I’m going to start doing complete upper body workouts just one time a week–two at the most–and no lower body weight training at all. Lower body weight training workouts leave my legs sore and fatigued for half the week and, as a result, I’m sub-optimal out on the trails (and sometimes unable to ride at all). The leg workout I get when I’m mountain biking is excellent: my quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves are worked constantly, and so I think my legs will remain in excellent condition from biking.

I have a feeling this change is going to make me a better, more powerful rider. I’ll have good evidence either way through my timed speed trials and also my ability to ride over very long distances.

In case you’re wondering, when I’m cutting and (if I ever were to do one again) bulking I would definitely not eliminate leg training.

I’m going to go get my lazy butt on the bike!

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