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New chicken recipe is very versatile; 70mm stem report.

Friday, April 20, 2012 by  
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The new Mustard, Maple and Rosemary Chicken with Almonds recipe that I posted a couple of days ago has proven to be equally as delicious as leftovers, and even worked into other dishes…

I’ve eaten a cold breast for lunch every day: I simply chop up a couple of sweet peppers and a little fresh rosemary, crush some dry roasted almonds, heat up a little brown rice and I’m in business.

The night before last I chopped up a leftover breast and made chicken soft tacos with whole grain tortillas. Same basic flavors: chopped chicken breast with a little of that awesome sweet & tangy sauce spooned on top, some sweet peppers, a little rosemary and a few crushed up roasted almonds. I also added some chopped lettuce and a little tomato. Awesome!

I’m certain that my chicken ranch salad would be an excellent new dish simply by substituting a leftover breast from the above recipe and using the sauce instead of the ranch dressing. I’d also substitute sweet peppers for the onions. I wanted to give this a try, but all the leftovers are gone. Next time!

This is just one of many areas at Mt. Dora that will be improved this weekend.

This is just one of many areas at Mt. Dora that will be improved this weekend.

I mentioned in yesterday’s blog that I was not at all happy with the performance of the 110mm stem when I mountain biked at Mt. Dora on Wednesday. I decided to pull the long stem and bolt up my fairly stubby 70mm stem, which I removed because it was making me feel a little cramped in the cockpit. Yesterday morning I went back out to Mt. Dora to compare the difference between the 110mm stem and the 70mm stem…

The difference was, in a word, astonishing. I was able to take corners much faster than I was with the longer stem. I felt much more confident on downhills. Switchbacks were significantly easier to negotiate. Steering was much more responsive, but never felt “twitchy”.

Bottom line: I beat my single lap personal record by 38 seconds, and that’s just over 2.2 miles. The ability to corner faster is where most of that time improvement came from.

As far as comfort goes, I’m off the saddle the majority of the time at this trail, so even after five laps of the main loop + all the blue options (plus a downhill and an uphill on Gravity Destroyer) I never felt cramped or uncomfortable. Honestly the only trail where I think I’m going to feel uncomfortable with this stem is Wekiwa, where I tend to do long 20-30+ mile rides. That’s OK, I’ll figure it out. There’s no way this 70mm stem is coming off the bike now.

As you can see in the photograph I snapped with my camera phone yesterday, there is a pile of clay near “Little Dipper”. This is just one of perhaps a dozen or more areas where clay was brought in on Wednesday. The clay will be used to improve some of the remaining sandy areas, and will also be used to create additional bermed corners. The work will be done this weekend, and I really wish I could be there to help out. Unfortunately we have plans with family, and so I won’t be able to attend the work day (they only gave us a week’s notice). I am going to make it a point to be at the next work day; not only because I’d like to help out, but also to meet the guys who have turned what was a below average trail into something pretty darn fun and flowy. The trail just keeps getting better and better, and I can’t wait to ride it again after these improvements have been made.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Synchronisity. I have been hitting more aggressive trails and really had problems riding Heil Ranch above Boulder this weekend. I am having a really hard time climbing up steep rock gardens and feel like I am weighted too far back. I just got back from my LBS, and my mechanic told me that in addition to being a XC mtn bike, the stem on my bike is not sized right, so he is going to refit my bike for a more aggressive climbing profile. The best solution of course is to buy a Yeti SB-66 in a 29″ version (http://www.yeticycles.com/#/bikes/sb66), but I don’t think my wife is going to see it that way. 🙁

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