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Fun long weekend; Incredible weather; Follow-up on bike upgrades.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012 by  
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After Sunday’s splurge meal of beef fajitas, rice, beans, tortilla chips and a margarita I was feeling pretty bloated when I woke up yesterday morning. Actually we all were, so yesterday I made everyone a healthy breakfast: an egg white omelet with cilantro, sweet peppers, garlic and onions sautéed in a little EVOO, whole grain toast and (of course!) my “famous” roasted red potatoes.

The weather yesterday was unseasonably cool, but sunny and beautiful. We spent many hours sitting out back watching the birds (we even saw some hummingbirds!), squirrels, tadpoles, frogs, lizards and other creatures while we chatted.

For dinner last night I had my healthy chili and some brown rice, and it tasted great.

One splurge meal per week is definitely enough for me. While I enjoy being able to eat meals like the one I had on Sunday night, I can really feel the difference. I actually slept very well on Sunday night, but I woke up feeling bloated, slightly lethargic and, well, just not quite like myself.

Dirty but running smooth, the way a mountain bike should be.

Dirty but running smooth, the way a mountain bike should be.

This morning I feel fantastic, and the temperature is an amazing 49° (F)! I don’t recall it ever being this cool so late in April before! The cool weather will be short-lived, and so I’m going to take advantage of it while I can. Also, we finally had some rain late last week, so the trails should be running really nice. Obviously I’m going mountain biking today. 🙂

I’d like to mention that all of the upgrades that I made to my main mountain bike back in early March are still performing flawlessly. I’m really impressed with all of the SRAM/Truvativ XO gear, but I have to give extra special mention to the American Classic All-Mountain wheelsets. The AC wheels are really strong, especially considering how light they are. I’ve put some pretty tough miles on the ACs over the past couple of months, and they are still rolling as true as the first day I installed them. I also really like the hubs. These AC wheels are an amazing bang for the buck–they sure put the stock wheelsets (Bontrager Duster wheels with Shimano Deore M525 hubs) that came on my Trek Fuel EX 8 to shame. If you’re looking for a light, strong, good looking and reliable wheelset that won’t break the bank, definitely take a look at American Classic’s line.

Enough yammering, time to ride!

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2 Responses to “Fun long weekend; Incredible weather; Follow-up on bike upgrades.”
    • Thanks for turning me on to the ACs, Craig. I can say that of all the upgrades I made, they were the biggest bang for the buck.

      Clay and I have exchanged a few emails. Nice guy. He’s not too far from me, we’re going to have to ride sometime.

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