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Front brakes screaming like a banshee; Weight training today.

Thursday, May 3, 2012 by  
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I don't like riding with her.

I don't like riding with her.

Remember this past Saturday’s blog about how I used my home shop to modify a brake caliper mounting bracket? I was pretty proud of myself because I reduced the existing bracket by precisely 2.5mm, and the rotor and pad were perfectly aligned.

Perfectly aligned on one plane, that is.

I probably should have trail-tested the brakes before patting myself on the back. When I rode on Tuesday my front brakes were howling and squealing like crazy. The brakes were stopping just fine, but they were incredibly loud. I’m really glad I was the only one on the trails that day, as the noise was unbelievably annoying. I suspect that the caliper bracket I machined down is slightly off on one plane, and that is what is causing the brakes to protest.

Thankfully the proper bracket will arrive today. The one I so “expertly” reworked will retire to the garbage can next to my work bench. Oh well, at least I got to ride while I waited for the correct bracket. Hopefully the new bracket will silence the screaming.

I should mention that the new pads and rotors performed extremely well on Tuesday. Apart from the noise, I was very happy.

I really don’t want to ride with the noisy brakes and faulty bracket, so I’m going to do my upper body workout today and ride tomorrow. I’m really in the mood to lift today anyway, so this works out well.

Have a great day!

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2 Responses to “Front brakes screaming like a banshee; Weight training today.”
  1. I was letting you basque in your glory on that one. When I put the two different size adapters together I could see that difference on each end of the adapter was not 2.5mm, one end was a lot less. I was surprised it worked, when I hadn’t heard of any riding for a few days I started to grow suspicious that something was up.

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