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Terrible ride yesterday; Scale weight down again; The heat is on.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012 by  
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I've been breaking these out a lot the past few weeks.

I've been breaking these out a lot the past few weeks.

I was feeling tired from Sunday’s 9 mile all-out mountain biking sprint, but yesterday morning I decided to head over to Mt. Dora to get a ride in. I really should have listened to my body and took a day off: my cardio felt way off, my legs felt like rubber and I was riding poorly. I turned in my 2nd best times on two sections of trail, but the perceived effort I put out to do that was ridiculous. I packed it in after just a few miles. I guess they can’t all be great rides.

Also, my scale weight this morning was back down to 169.4 pounds. That’s probably a combination of increased activity without increasing caloric intake, and also water loss due to perspiration. The heat has been pretty intense over the past week or two, and I’ve been sweating a lot while riding. I’ve not had to replenish electrolytes while riding in many months, but over the past couple of week’s I’ve been breaking out the Sport Beans on just about every ride.

So today I’m going to give the bike (and my lower body) a rest, and go ahead and do my upper body weight training workout. I’m also going to eat lots of food and drink lots of water. It’s strange actually wanting to see my scale weight go up (while not bulking)!

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  1. Hey John……………..Do you still post what you eat every day on the bodyshop tab? If not, could you post it here? Your kind of like me, eat the same things all the time, and heck why not if it works for you, right?!

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  2. When things get hot out here I start adding salt tabs to my camelbak. They’re expensive, but I really like:


    Really helps when I’m dumping sweat everywhere. I don’t know why, but I also find that I recover much (ride-ride) faster when I have these in the pack. They don’t have any sugar/etc. so you don’t have to clean out the pack after every use also.

    Lastly, I’ve started to make my own homemade energy chews. Initially it was a cost savings endeavor because they’re like $2/pack now but lately I’ve been playing around with various ways of improving them. In the latest incarnation I’ve been adding BCAA’s and salt to the standard carb mix of brown rice syrup/honey/agave + gelatin. These seem to help a lot with riding endurance. Each chew that I make has ~100 calories and I’m aiming to eat 2 every 20 minutes or so.

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    • I’m not sure I’d like those elixir tabs, mainly because I only like to drink plain water when I’m thirsty. I even have trouble sipping on BCAAs (which I love the taste of) when I’m weight training.

      Sport Beans are great because I love how they taste, they are not hard to get down like gels, and they don’t weigh much. Even in an XC race I imagine I could put a few packs of Sport Beans in my jersey pocket and eat them while I’m riding.

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      • I do that very thing John, I dump a pack of them in my jersey pocket and I reach back and grab a few every now and then and eat them. Over the course of an hour I eat a whole pack. Works great.

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