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Beautiful morning; Inspiring life transformation video.

Saturday, May 12, 2012 by  
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It’s a fairly cool (65° F) morning, and so I’ve been out back doing some light weeding, pruning and fertilization. I don’t enjoy weeding very much, but even that chore is tolerable when it’s this nice outside!

Tufted Tit Mouse.

Tufted Tit Mouse.

Many of the creatures that frequent our backyard have become very trusting of me. Some of the squirrels barely pay attention to me when I approach, and many of the birds now allow me to get within touching distance! For example, check out this Tufted Tit Mouse I photographed this morning. I was standing just 2 feet away and he just sat there looking at me. The other day one of them buzzed by my head so close that I could feel the wind from his wings.

Word of our pond and feeders has apparently spread rapidly through the bird community. When I first put the feeders in last year, it took weeks before I even saw a single bird. Now when I look out back there’s almost always at least several species of birds out there eating from the feeders or bathing in the pond. Some of the frequent avian visitors to our yard include cardinals, mourning doves, crows, sandhill cranes, finches, hummingbirds, tufted tit mice and mocking birds. Recently several hummingbirds have been coming around quite a lot (they love our firecracker plants), and that has us pretty excited. They are amazing birds!

I’m far from a hardcore birder, but I really enjoy watching them and learning about them. I’m going to pick up some bird books and further my education.

OK, this is a fitness blog (mostly) so I’ll shut up about the birds.

I posted this video on Facebook yesterday, but I need to put it here for those who are not on Facebook. This is one of the most inspirational videos I’ve seen in a long time. If you find yourself making excuses, then you need to watch this.

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